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    Still rocking the acceptance speech look, huh? (Photo by Danny Mahoney)

    Potential Dr. Strange Jared Leto was at XS Saturday night to support buddy Zedd while the DJ spun. Zedd and Leto first started hanging out at the Grammys. Of course, not content to sell 30 Seconds to Mars records, possibly star in summer blockbusters and win Best Supporting Actor Oscars, we guess this means we can look forward to a Jared Leto residency at XS come 2015, too.


    Seriously, we all love pizza beds, but enough is enough. (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

    Look, we’re starting to get seriously worried here. Diplo used to be the only entertaining DJ on Twitter, and now he’s spending all his time making weird visual gags via Instagram. It’s getting dire. Come back, Diplo. Come back to full-on Twitter, because What’s Diplo Tweeting Today? is starting to suffer. You can go plead your case tonight at XS for Mad Decent Monday. In the meantime:

    My interior decorator just got fired http://t.co/uQKSmulMsH

    — blondre 3000 (@diplo) May 12, 2014

    Worst hiking partner ever http://t.co/fJfCMu2KZ8

    — blondre 3000 (@diplo) May 12, 2014

    Pizza beds and child hikers. That’s What Diplo’s Tweeting Today. (more…)



    It’s not a Mad Decent Monday, which is no knock on RL Grime tonight at XS. It’s just that it sounds like his relationship with Katy Perry is swinging into gear, and we’re looking forward to her hanging out in town more often. Mostly because we’re imagining what she’s going to wear to clubs all the time, and in our imagination, it’s fantastic. (more…)


    Surprised Diplo is surprised. (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

    We were beginning to worry that Diplo’s tweet game might be slipping because of a steep drop-off in volume. Then he went and Instagrammed this picture and all is pretty much forgiven. Tonight is Mad Decent Monday at XS tonight, which means it’s time for a round of round of What’s Diplo Tweeting Today?

    got dam coyotes better put a sock in it before i gotta pop my trunk & pull out the choppa #LA

    — above & beyonce (@diplo) April 21, 2014

    Easter dance level : rookie http://t.co/cc3D85LYyr

    — above & beyonce (@diplo) April 21, 2014

    Got dam coyotes, Easter Dance grading and pictures of Diplo as Nyan Cat. That’s what Diplo’s Tweeting (and Instagramming) Today. (more…)


    (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

    Recovery is moving a little slow on Avicii’s appendix and gall bladder recovery, because he’s postponing his shows this month, including dates April 18 and 25 at XS.

    Im sorry for having to postpone the shows this month. I sincerely rly wish I didnt have to but unfortunately theres no going around it.

    — Tim Bergling (@Avicii) April 8, 2014

    Health must always come first and in this case especially after my ruptured appendix that got removed doctors orders have been really strict

    — Tim Bergling (@Avicii) April 8, 2014

    No announcement on the April 18 show has been made yet, but XS is now listing Deadmau5 on April 25. He was last seen at the club in November doing a surprise set. If he’s that quick on the turnaround, we feel like we need to start seeing if we can get short-notice, surprise Deadmau5 to DJ our parties. He’s going to have a hard time setting up his DJ gear in our galley kitchen, but we figure he can manage.


    What made you think a striped tank top was OK, David Guetta? (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

    The Nightclub & Bar Show makes it a night of unusual club openings–like XS on a Wednesday, with David Guetta running the show. Meanwhile, Surrender has Diplo and Friends–namely Paper Diamond and Flosstradamus–for a one-two punch of Saturday talent on a Wednesday night. Good thing no one ever has to work on a Thursday. Oh. Oh wait. (more…)


    That’s our Diplo. (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

    It’s yet another Mad Decent Monday at XS tonight, which means it’s also time to play another delightful round of What’s Diplo Tweeting Today?

    Wolf of Walgreens

    — above & beyonce (@diplo) March 24, 2014

    Wait that’s it? What the hell, Diplo? Slow day on Twitter, though he did go on Instagram to confirm all he wants is a drama-free relationship and a skeleton mask. That’s what Diplo’s Tweeting (and Instagramming) Today. (more…)


    Wait! We think we might’ve found the problem.

    Whenever David Guetta rolled through town to do F*** Me I’m Famous, he always brought along his wife, Cathy. Well. Cue up the Price is Right horns, because Guetta and Cathy finalized their divorce in France.

    He’s here at XS tonight. So if the ladies out there want to help him through the rebound period, now’s your chance to, well. We mean, he did name a party after the concept and all. We suppose he knew what he was talking about.



    David Guetta, the man that could be in a large part praised/blamed for the mainstreaming of EDM, is doing a residency at XS. We knew that already. What we didn’t know was that he was bringing a sleeping bag and a suitcase with him, because he’s apparently moving into the club.

    His first show is tonight, with dates to follow on March 14, 21, 26, April 5 and April 12. More shows are forthcoming, just as soon as XS figures out how to keep Guetta chained to the DJ booth, but give him enough freedom to move his hands around his laptop.


    That’s not celebratory confetti raining down, those are $50 bills. (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

    The jockeying between Marquee and XS to be the top-grossing nightclub in the country, as per the Nightclub & Bar Top 100 continues to be the Optimus Prime/Megatron knock-down, drag-out of the industry, with XS on top for 2014 at $90-$95 million to Marquee’s $85-$90 million. It’s the first time XS had sole possession of first since 2011.

    Last year, the clubs were tied while the year prior, Marquee had the lead.

    There’s a new wrinkle for the 2014 rankings though, with Hakkasan taking an honorable mention “third” as a venue not open for full the full 12 months of the survey, but generated enough coin that it would have slotted in that space if it qualified for the list. Light at Mandalay Bay also got an honorable mention, in what would have been No. 16.

    Of the Top 10, seven are Vegas clubs: At No. 3, Tao ($50-$55 million), No. 4 Surrender ($45-$50 million), No. 6 Pure ($30-$35 million), No. 9 Lavo ($25-$30 million) and No. 10 Hyde ($25-$30 million).

    Vegas drew 24 of the top 100 (well, top 102, really), up from 20 last year. Haze came in at No. 11 ($25-$30 million), No. 13 Tryst ($20-$25 million), No. 14 1 Oak ($20-$25 million), No. 24 Chandelier Bar ($15-$20 million), No. 25 The Bank ($15-$20 million), No. 26 LAX ($15-$20 million), No. 42 Chateau ($10-$15 million), No. 48 Ghostbar ($10-$15 million), No. 61 Moon ($5-$10 million), No. 73 Drai’s ($5-$10 million), No. 79 Lagasse’s Stadium ($5-$10 million), No. 80 Body English ($5-$10 million), No. 88 Gold ($5-$10 million), No. 94 Lily ($5-$10 million) and No. 96 Stoney’s ($5-$10 million).

    There’s a bit more money at the top end, as Marquee and XS were both in the $80-$90 million range last year. Drai’s took the biggest tumble, going from No. 30 to 73 amid their temporary relocation to Bally’s, and the shooting there. No one made a dramatic leap, though neither Lily nor Gold nor Ghostbar appeared on last year’s list.

    What Hakkasan misses in official list achievement, it makes up for by winning the Nightclub of the Year, when the Nightclub & Bar convention hands out its awards during the trade show March 24-26.