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    Black James Bond might be less agile but he’s certainly more stylish.

    Rapper Rick Ross will be one of a slew of entertainers set to host New Year’s Eve parties over the next four days. The gigantic MC and Kimbo Slice impersonator will be at Vanity in the Hard Rock Hotel on Dec. 29 to host a party featuring DJ Franzen and DJ Direct.


    DJ Loczi is almost as excited as we are. (Photos by Hew Burney)

    If there’s one thing we’ll never get tired of, it’s Arianny Celeste looking all booby. And lo and behold, there was Arianny Celeste at the Hard Rock this weekend looking all booby. Funny how that works out.

    Celeste was celebrating being on the cover of Maxim (which is like, what, four times a year at this point?) at Vanity after The Ultimate Fighter finale at The Joint Saturday night. Brittany Palmer was also there, but because she isn’t a brunette, we kind of care a lot less.


    We hope Pauly D comes dressed as Bobblehead Pauly D. (Photos by Erik Kabik)

    Last week was supposed to be the season-ender for Rehab, but they scheduled one more with Pauly D. Who will also be hosting the Sinner’s Ball at Vanity in the evening, where $50,000 in cash and prizes will be up for grabs, making it one of the most profitable evenings for you to, we don’t know, put on underwear and spray paint yourself gold. Because that’s what wins that scrilla. For reals. (more…)


    If only Larry David had been here to make things awkward. (Photos by Cassi Thomas | Retna)

    Hey, it’s the Entourage guys, still hanging out together! Oh, they’re going to hate each other so much by the time they’re all in their 60s.

    The Hard Rock kicked off its revamped players club, Backstage Pass, at Vanity Saturday night by trotting out Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Kevin Connolly and Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Cheryl Hines, through some sort of HBO loaner program, we guess. Had they waited a couple of weeks to plan this party they could’ve gotten the entire cast of Luck who all of a sudden have nothing else to do. A party’s just not a party until Nick Nolte brings the grizzle.


    They don’t have go-gos in lingerie in college. Point for real life.(Photos by Al Powers)

    College-lover Asher Roth surprises everyone tonight by revealing that yes, he’s apparently still a thing, when he swoops into Vanity to tell us about that one time he had that girl mostly naked. Seriously clinging to that victory, isn’t he? We hope he sealed the deal by now. (more…)