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    Oh, just go buy Ibiza already.

    Scooter Braun, who missed the boat on client Justin Bieber’s dog of an app Shots (with co-investor Floyd Mayweather), is taking a swing at tech with the help of Tiesto and Steve Angello, because DJs have to be furious that Dr. Dre beat them to the punch on being a headphone mogul, the one product it made sense for DJs to own.

    Splice is “a cloud-based music creation and collaboration platform,” which is an annoyingly jargony way to say “Github for producers.” Well, if Diplo’s on board, who are we to argue? Tiesto, what’s your reaction to having a potential tech hit on your hands? Frosty. (more…)


    Tiesto: The Riddler of DJs.

    Tiesto’s new album, A Town Called Paradise, is a nod to the actual locale of the Strip–complete with Metro whip in the picture. To get a peek at the artwork, he’s sending people through a Google Maps scavenger hunt in Las Vegas–kind of a neat little trick.

    The three locations you have to ferret out take you to a couple of residential neighborhoods, and finally to Fremont and Casino Center where the artwork proper is revealed. Or you could just scroll down, if you’re impatient. It’s tough to pinpoint where it was shot. The Fremont? The Four Queens? Binions? It’s definitely not the Nugget.


    Kim, Kanye Working on Prenup

    Because we know you were sweating your invitation, rest assured, the Kim and Kanye marriage is still on track. It’s just hit a minor bump in the road as they hash out their prenup. She gets to keep her terrible family, and he gets to keep his crippling sense of ennui that can’t even be penetrated by the promise of ziplining.


    Frankly, we’re shocked Apatow didn’t make at least two Cirque performers show their junk. (Photo by Bryan Steffy)

    Judd Apatow brought wife and This is 40 star Leslie Mann to see Love last night, along with daughters Maude and Iris. CinemaCon is in town right now, but Apatow is getting beat out by Seth Rogen for Comedy Filmmaker of the Year. Look what you’ve done, Judd. You’re being destroyed by your own creation! This is what happens when you have the hubris to start casting Seth Rogen in everything you’ve done.

    Cirque’s Michael Jackson: One is facing a lawsuit from Alki David, owner of hologram-maker Musion–the company that did Coachella’s entirely necessary Tupac hologram–over some of the production in One. According to The Hollywood Reporter, David claims Cirque doesn’t possess a license for the tech used to create the Jackson hologram in the show. More important, though, is that “The show has been enormously successful and has helped the Michael Jackson estate reap almost a billion dollars in revenue since the King of Pop’s passing in 2009. ”

    With that kind of dough, Guy Laliberte should be buying everyone in the city a trip to space.

    Tiesto seems to be recovering. He tweeted, “I took that American expression ‘go knock yourself out’ too literally Friday night in the Bay Area…” on Sunday after he clunked his head on an LED screen during a show in San Jose at the Electric Bounce House Festival. Fortunately, the show can go on when someone just has to push “play.”


    You don’t have to dress like a bullfighter to enjoy fireworks, but it helps. (Photo by Al Powers. Additional photos by Brenton Ho.)

    Celebrity deaths come in threes (RIP, Russell Johnson, Ruth Robinson Duccini and Dave Madden), but celebrity DJ birthdays apparently come in pairs (RIP Tiesto and Calv–wait, that’s not right).

    On Friday night, Tiesto got into his birthday celebration with fireworks at the stroke of midnight at the corner of Tropicana and Las Vegas Boulevard, while indoors at Hakkasan, Calvin Harris was marking his 30th by playing a set. Tiesto joined him in the booth, probably to whisper, “No one loved ‘Acceptable in the ’80s’ enough to buy you fireworks” in Dutch.

    Harris has recently been rumored to have split with Rita Ora–who :gasp: unfollowed him on Instagram–and she was nowhere to be seen that night.

    There, however, for the DJ-birthday extravaganza were Joe Jonas, Scott Eastwood, Jeremy Irvine and Miguel, who rolled in around 2:30 a.m. to hit the Ling Ling Club before settling in the main room

    TiestoBday_h1 TiestoBday_h2 TiestoBday_h3


    If you’re going to profess your love of Dennis Quaid movies, at least get the title right. (Photo by Joe Fury | SPYONvegas.com)

    Tiesto is doing another edition of his online In the Booth series, focusing on his Hakkasan resideny. This season promises to focus more on a personal look into Tiesto’s life (the personal aspect of fiddling with knobs; what it’s like to be Dutch) and will focus more on interactive pieces (Viewer !!R4v3rz<3M011y!! asks: "What's it like to be Dutch?").

    Thsi season will also follow as Tiesto gets ordained and marries a couple of fans. Now you can finally see who beat you in that contest, and why you have to settle for getting married by that fourth Black Eyed Pea who isn’t Will.i.am, Apl.de.ap or Fergie, who no one ever remembers his name.


    Pictured: Your wedding officiants. (Photos by Erik Kabik)

    Well, not in the “let’s you and me go down to the courthouse” sense but in the “I now pronounce you man and :untz: :untz: :untz: wife” sense.

    Tiesto is taking requests for couple who want him to perform their wedding ceremony August 17. If the thing that was making your special day incomplete was a Dutch DJ overseeing your lifelong commitments, you can plead your case entry@inthebooth.com. We’ll give it four years before you have to visit Deadmau5 Divorce Court.


    We can’t imagine why Tiesto agreed to a pool residency. (Photos by Erik Kabik | Retna)

    Tiesto and Hakkasan confirmed today that the DJ is onboard for a residency at the new AMG club, along with Wet Republic — and giving up Ibiza in the process.

    “I’m going to dedicate my year to Las Vegas. Just Vegas, maybe a couple of festivals. I haven’t decided yet,” Tiësto said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “With the scene blowing up in America, Vegas is so much fun now,” he says. “It’s the right time to do it. I do everything on my gut feeling, and I felt like it’s gonna be awesome there. I’ve been to Ibiza for 10 years, and I love Ibiza, but I always look for something new and a new challenge.”

    Like Calvin Harris, Tiesto is signed up for 20 months, and will do 40 dates at Hakkasan with another 20 coming at Wet Republic. He also said he’d be trying to do a new show every week, and would be bringing in new DJs to feature. As if half the population of the Netherlands weren’t already over here wearing expensive headphones.


    As long as he’s not going to make her wear pants, we’re cool. (Photos by Erik Kabik)

    The Tiesto/Guess partnership is in full swing tomorrow night at the Fashion Show Mall, where the DJ will be spinning for the launch of the Guess Tiesto Limited Edition Capsule Collection at 5:30 p.m., followed by a meet-and-greet at 6 p.m. Now’s your chance to hear some very special, denim-themed remixes.


    $2 million is in DJ fees, $20 million is hazard pay for having to hang out with Paris Hilton. (Photo by Danny Mahoney)

    Forbes put together a list of the 10 top paid DJs in the world because, money? We guess? Anyway, the top jock won’t surprise you at all: It’s Tiesto. He hauled in $22 mil last year, with an average nightly gross of $250,000. And that’s probably going to increase when he does his whole Club Life College Invasion Tour coming up this fall, his October show at the frigging Staples Center, and his partnerships with Guess and Spotify.

    Also unsurprisingly, Skrillex falls in behind him at $15 million, Swedish House Mafia is at $14 million (not for long), David Guetta is on their heels at $13.5 million, Aoki at $12 million, Deadmau5 is only at sixth with $11.5 million, Pauly D somehow is at $11 million (only half of that from DJing), Kaskade at $10 million, Afrojack at $9 million and Avicii at $7 million.

    So let’s see, that’s Wynn, Wynn, Angello going to Wynn, Wynn, Wynn, Wynn, Hard Rock, Marquee, Wynn aaaaand … Wynn. The moral of the story? Get on Beatport and start hanging around Nick Hissom to get him to bump your mixes up the chain.