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    Pictured: Holiday cheer.

    X107.5 does their annual Holiday Havoc show, this time bringing in some local flava for night one. No, not actually Flavor Flav. Though we’d kill for a Public Enemy Christmas set. It’s Imagine Dragons, with Young the Giant and Brumby (8 p.m., $44.50-$200). Stay tuned tomorrow night where Bush headlines to do noted guarantor of Christmas cheer “Glycerine.” (more…)


    Golf outing by day, country star by night. (Photo by Ed Graff)

    The long and storied history of Rascal Flatts in Las Vegas is getting another chapter. Not content to stand pat after filming the “Why Wait” video at the Palms in 2010, the long con finally pays off in 2015 with a nine-show residency at The Joint. It marks the first Joint residency for a band that wasn’t stripping the denim jackets off groupies in the ’80s.

    The residency kicks off February 25 and runs three shows a week for three weeks through March 14. Tickets start at $39.50 and go on sale on Friday. Country has done well in town, between the Garth Books and Faith Hill/Tim McGraw residencies, plus the ACM Awards (which this year is being held at Jerry Jones’ Yee-Haw Colisseum and RV Park in Dallas). Though we’re still holding out that they double up a couple shows a week with Gene and Paul for KISScal Flatts. (more…)


    Here comes the bride. We think. She’s so pale she blends into that white dress.

    Good timing, anyway. Right when the Royals are trying to advance to the ALDS against the Angels, Lorde is in town to do “Royals” at The Joint (8 p.m., $39.50). We’re one Willie Wilson sighting away from breaking out into fountains and barbecue as far as the eye can see. (more…)


    Is this what you wanted? Sammy Hagar? (Photos by Erik Kabik)

    Sammy Hagar–Van Halen’s responsible little brother who was always mom’s favorite because he didn’t end up living at home at 43 like some members of this family. No Dave, we’re not talking about you. Everything doesn’t always have to be about you, OK?–hinted on his website that he could be next in line for a Las Vegas residency. And by “hinted,” we mean “said it outright.”

    Next stop was the Hard Rock to see my buddy Don Marrandino about a possible residency and some ideas about rum drinks on their menus – stayed tuned!

    Working on the assumption that Montrose couldn’t fill The Joint nightly, or that solo Sammy and/or Chickenfoot could just set up at Cabo Wabo if they wanted to (the best Cubano on the planet!), does that mean Van Halen could be slotting in sometime after KISS? And if so, does this preclude the Gary Cherone residency we’ve been clamoring for for years?


    Not his finest Cosby non-sweater.

    This is always the most under-the-radar big weekend of the year. Sure, it doesn’t get the sexy Monday-off of Memorial Day or the attention-hogging fireworks of Fourth of July, but Kentucky Derby/Mayweather fight/Cinco de Mayo weekend has them beat on the sheer amount of stuff it crams into a couple days. Tonight has plenty to recommend it as you warm up to tomorrow’s bonkers schedule, notably Primus at Brooklyn Bowl for a second night. But tomorrow also features, as all fight weekends must, Diddy at The Joint hosting his Mayweather afterfight party with DJ Whoo Kid. Throw in a couple of days of Rehab and First Friday to boot, and you’re going to need a cyborg liver by dinnertime on Sunday. (more…)


    Pretty sure Axl just wanted to go clubbing again. (Photo by Al Powers)

    Please be advised, your bitch-slap rappin’ and your cocaine tongue will not be tolerated at The Joint between May 21 and June 7. (Your spandex bike shorts and headband, however, are more than welcome.)

    Guns N’ Roses’ second residency at the Hard Rock, No Trickery! An Evening of DestructionAppetite for Democracy get-up and a setlist promising “everything from its greatest hits to a few lesser-known but beloved songs.” “One in a Million?” “Used to Love Her?” But not you, Spaghetti Incident? Never you.

    The show dates are May 21, 24, 25, 28, 30, 31 and June 4, 6 and 7. Tickets start at $49.50 and go on sale Friday at 10 a.m.


    Pardon us while we go blast “The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret” for the next 8-12 hours.

    Imagine Dragons-hatin’ Queens of the Stone Age come to The Joint tonight ($34.50-$115, 8 p.m.), right into the belly of the beast on the heels of those comments. To be fair, of any fanbase that could exact retribution, the Imagine Dragons faithful don’t seem particularly likely to get into it. It’s not like Homme made fun of Slayer. Or even the Backstreet Boys. Those broads will mess you up. (more…)


    Look what you did, Imagine Dragons. You made Josh Homme sad.

    When Queens of the Stone Age hit the stage at The Joint on Thursday night, at least we know there won’t be a big, splashy Vegas walk-on moment.

    While playing in Houston on Sunday, frontman Josh Homme teased, “This next song is by Imagine Dragons”–and was roundly booed. Homme quickly reeled them back in by saying, “Fuck everything. Fuck the man. Fuck Imagine Dragons and fuck the Grammys.”

    So, does that mean an opening set from The Killers is right out, too?


    Axl Rose: Supervillain. (Photo by Erik Kabik)

    We realize you just got up off your sha-na-na-na-knees from the last residency, but apparently they’ll be selling tickets to the night train this spring. (Look, it’s just a dirty Amtrak car that Buckethead is passed out in, but go with it, OK?)

    Guns ‘n’ Roses appear to be teasing another Joint residency this year on Twitter (and, anecdotally, a bartender at the Hard Rock told us this weekend it was happening).

    Meanwhile, Slash is in town February 27 for the Kerry Simon benefit. So over the span of a few weeks, you could, conceivably, see the entire original lineup, assuming Izzy Stradlin and Duff McKagan are hanging out playing video poker at a PT’s somewhere.


    (Photos by Scott Harrison. Tao photo by Al Powers)

    The Joint wound down 2013 with Juicy J who did strip-club anthem “Bandz a Make Her Dance” among other faces for a crowd that included Floyd Mayweather. Juicy moved on to Body English with Mike Will before the night was over, while Mayweather was spotted at Tao that evening as well.

    Leg-droppin’ Miguel did his midnight kiss with girlfriend Nazanin Mandi at Tao before ripping into “Sure thing,” “How Many Drinks?” “Adorn” and “Power Trip.” The champ had a table with friends. Friends other than the roster of Michigan State, we mean.