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    At least he didn’t have to do a lot of time-sucking research.

    Danny A. Abeckaser, the onetime managing partner in The Bank and Hollywood player, is doing a movie in 2015 about his life in the club. It’s called, uh, Club Life. Well. That certainly doesn’t hide what it’s about, now does it?

    Abeckaser has been involved with the movies for years, landing a part in the Adam Sandler Mossad/hairdresser comedy You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, The Iceman and a bit part in The Wolf of Wall Street. He also produced 2010′s Sundance entrant Holy Rollers, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Bartha (and, randomly, Q-Tip).

    Now he’s got a writing credit to his name with Club Life, starring Entourage’s Jerry Ferrara (Abeckaser appeared on the Entourage pilot), wherein he plays a club lord mentoring a young Ferrara in the ways of promoting. (Jerry Ferrara as young? Hollywood really can do anything.) (more…)


    Aw, he looks sad. Like a lady hasn’t sassed him in a while and he just hasn’t had an excuse.

    Last night after the Billboard Music Awards, Bruno Mars went from playing at the show to playing “Locked Out of Heaven” at The Bank. Also there to party was Chris Brown, who did return engagement at 1 Oak on Friday after having just spent his 24th birthday there.

    This time, Karrueche Tran was with Breezy, hopefully having taken some time off from their relationship to learn how to bob and weave properly. Really, once Floyd Mayweather retires, he could start a whole cottage industry of training prospective Brown girlfriends. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose were dancing at a nearby table, and Jason Derulo dropped by the club.

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    Likely both fresh and clean. (Photo by Brenton Ho)

    The far-less-reclusive half of OutKast is at The Bank tonight, meaning your chances of seeing a man in an all-plaid suit have gone up roughly 9,000 percent. Big Boi hits the stage where there’s also a 9,000 percent chance of you hearing a live version of “Bombs Over Baghdad” tonight. (more…)


    Do it up classy. Arrive in a ’59 Buick.

    We hope you have “Roger Deakins will get screwed again for cinematography” in your Oscar pool, because that’s pretty much a lock. Right, movie nerds? High-five!

    But before you get settled in for all 94 hours of Sunday night’s Academy Awards broadcast, The Bank is doing its own Oscar party Friday night with Best in Film. And if you RSVP through SPYONvegas, and get there before midnight, you can score three drink tickets and free admission.

    Plus, if you drink enough on Friday, you won’t have to be sober on Sunday to sit through an entire chunk of Seth MacFarlane singing showtunes.


    Come to Houston for the sporting events, stay for … wait, no. Don’t stay. (Photo by Roman Mendez | SPYONvegas.com)

    Chris Paul wasn’t the only one getting out of Houston while the getting was good: Talib Kweli came from the NBA All-Star Game to The Bank last night, along with his wife, Cythia, who was on the turntables as DJ Eque while Kweli banged out “Upper Echelon,” “The Blast” and “Get By.” Cavoda Codka owner Anthony Di Maio gave Kweli a custom Nets hat which is, sadly, going to replace the Yankees cap as the go-to Jay-Z influenced hip-hop haberdashery.