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    It seriously took forever to find a “Safe For Work” photo of this broad.

    Adult film actress and professional tube sock ruiner Tera Patrick was spotted in a rare fully-clothed appearance at Strip House at Planet Hollywood on Saturday.
    Patrick was seen having drinks in the lounge sans ex-husband Evan Seinfeld, better known as pornstar, rocker and ugliest man alive Spyder Jonez, so… y’know…maybe you have a shot now.


    Hey, waitasec. Tera looks way too innocent here. (Photos by Erik Kabik | Retna)

    Tera Patrick did up her birthday at Tao inside The Venetian last night with husband Evan Seinfeld. Cuba Gooding Jr. was on hand at the club, so we’re going to figure this means Tera is angling for a spot in Boat Trip 2: Trip Harder. It’ll be a bold reimagining of the series, much in the line of the line of cinematic gems Not the Bradys, Not The Munsters and Not Star Trek. Gooding was at Rare 120 inside the Hard Rock Hotel earlier for dinner.

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    Time to go get another boob cake. (Photo by Tony Tran | SpyOnVegas.com)

    Well, no one can say she doesn’t know how to blow … out her candles. Tera Patrick will be at Tao inside The Venetian tonight to celebrate her 33rd birthday. We’re kind of hoping she breaks out some old-school birthday games, updated for her line of work. Like Bobbing for Genitalia, or Pin the Tail on the Piece of Tail. We’d probably sit out of Red Rover Has Herpes, though.


    Yes, Evan Seinfeld leads a very difficult life. (Photos by Scott Harrison | Retna)

    The problem with the lingerie contest as a whole is that there’s really nothing a club can do after that to make it any better. That’s it. There’s the pinnacle. Bunch of girls getting freakier and freakier in lingerie? Well now it’s game over. Kind of hard to go back to like, a two-by-four DJ set after that. The ever-vigilant Tao, though, realized the best thing other than a lingerie contest is two lingerie contests in reasonably close order, hosted by Tera Patrick.

    The porn star and husband Evan Seinfeld hosted the second Lingeriegasm last night at The Venetian venue, handing out $1,000 to the most lingerietastic winner. For even more pics, check out SpyOn.

    lingerie_v1 lingerie_v2 lingerie_v3 lingerie_v4


    Sinners, Spyderz and Tera. It’s like the start of an awesome nursery rhyme. (Photos by Scott Harrison | Retna)

    The Sin City Sinners are moving their Friday night show from Chrome at Sante Fe Station east to Boulder Station’s Railhead. Starting tomorrow night, they’ll be there with The Spyderz, Evan Seinfeld’s band. Where there’s Seinfeld, there’s Tera Patrick, which means this is probably the first time she’s stepping foot in Boulder Station pretty much ever.

    The bands are doing it all over again Saturday night at Ovation inside Green Valley Ranch. Tonight the Sinners do their Thursday gig at Wasted Space inide the Hard Rock Hotel. Upcoming Sinners guest players will be Slim Jim Phantom of the Stray Cats and The Head Cat, Oz Fox from Stryper (!!), Stacey Q of Two of Hearts and Twisted Sister’s Eddie Ojeda. We appear to be getting Twisted Sister members one at a time. Only a matter of time before Jay Jay French turns up.


    Dostoyevsky, Melville, Patrick. (Photo by Scott Harrison | Retna)

    Tera Patrick has signed a book deal for her life story, “Sinner Takes All — a Memoir of Love, Lust, Marriage and Porn,” due out in January, according to Page Six. She’ll be co-writing with Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna. Uhhh — this is going to be a picture book, right? Maybe one of those nice coffee-table jobs? It could be just like Madonna’s Sex book, except with someone, you know, attractive.


    Tera Patrick and a giant novelty check? Why, it’s two of our favorite things. (Photos by Tony Tran | SpyOnVegas.com)

    Tera Patrick was on hand at Lavo inside The Palazzo last night for Lingeriegasm, which was worth $1,000 to winner Jeannie Duffy. It’s only a matter of time now before someone takes the lingerie contest and puts it with the girl-on-girl kissing contest and possibly the pole dancing contest. Call it the Night of 1,000 Blue Balls. You can have that one for free, nightclubs. No need to thank us. Check the full gallery over at SpyOn.

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    Also appearing tonight: Tera Patrick’s heaving bosoms. (Photo by Scott Harrison | Retna)

    Tera Patrick resumes her love affair with Lavo inside The Palazzo tonight with Lingeriegasm, where the the lingerie-wearingest lady can earn $1,000 for her fishnets-and-garters efforts. We’re really not sure why every night in the club isn’t lingerie night. Someone should put us in charge of things.


    Like, the best groupie ever. (Photo by Scott Harrison | Retna)

    Tera Patrick was over at Ovation inside Green Valley Ranch Saturday night to watch husband Evan Seinfeld’s band Spyderz do a set with the Sin City Sinners. This is the second time in less than a month that the Spyderz and Sinners have played together with Patrick turning out for both shows. Really, how often do you get to see a porn star and her sometimes-co-star husband together at a rock show? Other than, apparently, every three to four weeks or so?


    Tera Patrick: The sixth Spyder. Also the fifth Beatle, oddly. (Photos by Scott Harrison | Retna)

    Last night at Divebar, Evan Seinfeld brought his most recent project, the Spyderz, to play with local faves the Sin City Sinners. Tera Patrick showed as well. This gives credence to our plan to produce a series of adult films set in Las Vegas rock bars. We know, we know. It’s brilliant. She knows where to find us.

    The Spyderz are at Rain inside the Palms tonight for round two, at 9:30 p.m.

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