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    That pose makes him look like a movie villain who kidnapped the hero’s girlfriend.

    Twilight’s Peter Facinelli brought girlfriend Jaimie Alexander to Sugar Factory and Meatball Spot on Saturday. They went for Sour Patch Kids at Sugar Factory, which is a solid choice all things considered. Not enough love for candy that makes you question your own tolerance for pain, or why you’d make masochistic choices in your sweets.

    Facinelli_v1 Facinelli_v2


    Now Ron Artest has a place to eat when he’s playing the Knicks. (Photos by Denise Truscello)

    The restaurant wing of sparkly lollipop purveyors Sugar Factory will be expanding out to the East Coast with a new location in New York City’s Meatpacking Disctrict. It’ll be a 3,000-square-foot brasserie/retail store, wherein celebrities staying around the corner at Hotel Gansevoort can easily be brought over for maximum efficiency sundae consumption.


    Damn, he was scary back then. He’s still scary now, but for completely different reasons.

    Legendary boxer Mike Tyson was spotted at the Sugar Factory at Miracle Mile Shops inside Planet Hollywood last night digging through sweets and terrifying children.
    The puncher turned punchline grabbed Couture Pops and t-shirts for his daughters and bags of Mike & Ikes and gummy ears for himself.
    Now listen, we know we sometimes cross the line of decency, but for that man to brazenly flaunt his infamous disfiguring of Evander Holyfield by purchasing gummy ears is just classless. And furthermore, for the Sugar Factory to be selling such a product makes us wonder what…hmm?…really? Gummy bears? Well, that’s an unfortunate typo.


    Even Ron Weasley can knock this guy out

    Rupert Grint is still in town. Though we probably would be too if girls were hanging off us dressing in slutty variants of costumes from our movies. Also hanging around? Victor Ortiz, and the two of them were at Paris’ Sugar Factory Brasserie yesterday. Turns out, Floyd Mayweather is a little sick of Ortiz saying he got sucker punched.

    Oooh, that’s going to make the rematch more interesting when Mayweather needs to find anyone other than Manny Pacquiao to fight.


    Estelle then unhinged her jaw and displayed her serpentine ability to devour things whole. (Photo by David Becker)

    British R&B songstress Estelle gave a performance at Chateau at Paris Las Vegas on Sunday after energizing her body with a candy-fueled sugar high from sweets at the Sugar Factory American Brasserie.
    The Grammy Award-winner enjoyed the cobb salad at Sugar Factory and followed with green tea, a cinnamon and sugar-coated caramel apple and a couture pop before filling up two bags of bulk candy for her friends – sure, Estelle, for your “friends.”
    She then took the stage at the nightclub where she performed some of her many hits her hit single “American Boy” and two other songs.


    The Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries.(Photo by Isaac Brekken | WireImage)

    Model, actress and future musician Caroline D’Amore was just one of the celebrities in attendence at Chateau Nightclub & Gardens at Paris Las Vegas last night for Kellan Lutz’s PROJECT afterparty for the spring fashions of the Dylan George & Co. Abbot + Main collections.
    D’Amore, a star of the American Film Institute’s No. 2 Film of All-Time*, Sorority Row, was in a VIP booth drinking Grey Goose and cranberry juice and likely just celebrating life itself after surviving her harrowing encounter with Jabberjaw.
    D’Amore also stopped by Sugar Factory American Brasserie where she ate the Mediterranean salad and Cookie Jar ice cream sundae before stopping by the retail store where she was quickly carried away by orange dwarves with green hair.
    Also seen at Chateau last night were model Brooke Burke and husband David Charvert, actress and nude cellphone model Vanessa Hudgens and music producer and balcony-dangler Suge Knight.

    *Between Citizen Kane and Lawrence of Arabia, we think. You look it up, we’re busy.


    Have you had your recommended daily dose of frosting yet?

    Tucked inside the Sugar Factory, the Chocolate Lounge delivers on its nomenclature promise. Chocolate, and lots of it.

    That extends to the Ken Hall-designed cocktail menu, with a selection of libations that could endrunken the most finicky of cocoa-frenzied vampires.

    It’s a mix of Three Olives chocolate vodka, Godiva whit chocolate liqueur, heavy cream and a white chocolate syrup dyed red, dusted with shaved chocolate and topped off with a frosting rim, to give it that extra level of red velvet cake-iness.

    What you get is a drink that’s remarkably smooth and ridiculously rich. It has a mild chocolate kick to it, but mostly you’re taken by its mild sweetness and thick consistency. Think of it as your after-dinner drink and dessert to come in one convenient package.


    You know how to whistle, don’t you? You just put your lips together and blow. Pop.

    Charms may not have had this in mind when they invented the Blow Pop, but if they had, our life in junior high would have been way more fun.

    The Sugar Factory’s candy-colored menu has drinks based on Swedish fish and Lemonheads and Almond Joy, but none pack quite the two-level authenticity punch of the Blow Pop.

    Not only does the drink taste like sucking on a lollipop dipped in vodka, but a bubble gum Pop Rocks rim lets you come away with the same Blow Pop experience you had as a kid — chewing on a very small amount of substandard gum. Which, as anyone who ate their share of powdery Topps gum can tell you, is the best gum. (Although if you’re strictly in it to blow bubbles, the Hubba Bubba is garnished with a ribbon of Bubble Tape and rimmed with the same bubble gum Pop Rocks.) (more…)


    If you didn’t know who they were, this would almost be wholesome. (Photos by David Becker)

    Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz were in full on-again mode Saturday night at the Sugar Factory/Chateau Fortress of Candytude. They started with dinner at the restaurant before heading up to the club, where Jameson was sporting a dress and purse that were birthday gifts from Ortiz.

    Also at Chateau for a birthday, Chad Rogers of Million Dollar Listing kicked it with a group of friends. Do real estate agents actually kick it? We have no idea. The only ones we know seem to be middle-aged ladies who are very excited about granite countertops.

    Over at Cabo Wabo, Ryan Cabrera and two friends were having a drink on the patio and overheard talking about their plans for Jameson’s party. We assume those plans included “try as hard as possible to film custom, birthday-themed porn.”