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    Not sure what we hate more: That he spells his name with an “ih” or that the name reminds us of Pearl Jam. (Photo by Scott Berry)

    “Birthday Sex” enthusiast Jeremih was at Pure last night to do “Imma Star,” “Down on Me” and the aforementioned celebration of annual sexing. He had a crew of 20 with him to party after the show. Meanwhile, across the courtyard at Caesars, son of Nuggets coach George Karl and D-league guard Coby Karl was spotted at Serendipity 3 eating a steak sandwich and tomato soup. This concludes your Karl family update for the day.


    This is like the gooiest thing ever invented this side of a Cadbury Creme Egg.

    As Easter fades from memory, so too does that magical six months from early October to mid-April — Candy Season. It’s a delightful six-month stretch where you can gauge the season not by the change in temperature or the turning of the leaves, but by what color peanut M&Ms you’re buying that week. Brown and orange? Red and green? Red and white? Pastel? Anything but brown for VanHalenmas? Candy Season is the most wonderful time of the year. Because it includes Christmas, and there’s some kind of transitive holiday/candy law of mathematics at work here.

    So as we transition from Candy Season to Oh God It’s Too Hot to Put Anything In My Mouth But This Damp Rag season, we turn our attention to the Peanut Sin City Frrrozen Hot Mocha at Serendipity 3 to bridge the gap.

    The gap, apparently, is bridged with a mountain of whipped cream. (more…)


    Cheer up, Gordon, you’ve got a mountain of dessert. (Photo by Erik Kabik | Retna)

    Hell’s Kitchen head devil Gordon Ramsay was over at Serendipity 3 at Caesars Palace on Tuesday along with wife, Tana. They tackled two different kinds of sundaes and deep-fried Oreos, which means he was probably in too much of a diabetic coma to start yelling at anyone in the restaurant. (more…)