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    . (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

    The holiday-related slowdown begins tonight, with Hakkasan going dark until December 26 (when you’ll nee to flee your family to the nearest place that stocks vodka). But still holding fast like the last chopper out of Vietnam is Drai’s, which puts Warren Peace behind the turntables tonight. Stock up while you can–it’s only a matter of time before you have to do all your drinking out of a flask in the bathroom so your little cousins don’t see you. (more…)


    If we’re bringing ’80s sunglasses back can we do those Ray Bans that fold in half?

    Tony Arzadon is headlining Light tonight. Which it turns out is definitely one of the clubs Hakkasan is getting in its Light Group purchase–there was a bit of confusion over whether that property was included or whether it was on a separate deal. Though that does make the name a liiiiiiiitle bit awkward now, doesn’t it? Oooh! Maybe they can revive the Studio 54 brand. Cirque would be down with that, right? (more…)


    Call us when there’s a Tito Jackson tribute act.

    Tonight in tribute acts: Who’s Bad hits up Brooklyn Bowl (7 p.m., $22), bringing you all the finest in Jacksonry without having to go to Mandalay for One. It is not, as you would assume, confined to the post-Thriller catalog. Which is too bad because we were really hoping for a live interpretation of “Liberian Girl.” (more…)


    Can’t decide if Animal Collective or Portlandia sketch.

    Brooklyn Bowl taps Animal Collective for a midnight DJ set ($15), providing an experience for people who like the concept of paying money to watch someone run songs off a computer, but prefer it comes from someone with actual band experience. They have a bandmember named “Geologist,” which we guess is no dumber than “Skrillex.” (more…)


    Pictured: Holiday cheer.

    X107.5 does their annual Holiday Havoc show, this time bringing in some local flava for night one. No, not actually Flavor Flav. Though we’d kill for a Public Enemy Christmas set. It’s Imagine Dragons, with Young the Giant and Brumby (8 p.m., $44.50-$200). Stay tuned tomorrow night where Bush headlines to do noted guarantor of Christmas cheer “Glycerine.” (more…)


    Ice skating: Now with 40 percent more Eye of Sauron. (Photo by Toby Acuna | SPYONvegas.com)

    If you’ve always wanted to ice skate in weather far too comfortable to be ice skating in while listening to a DJ, tonight’s your night. Industry Skate at the Cosmo has Roger Gangi. And tonight, you can kick an RSVP to SPYONvegas to get yourself five bucks’ worth of free skate rentals. That’s five extra dollars you can spend on nog, so it’s time well-spent. (more…)


    so country-fried Fred Durst was a conscious choice then?

    The relentless drumbeat of the rodeo keeps pounding away at Gilley’s tonight when the LoCash Cowboys perform (9 p.m., $10). Man. Ten bucks to get distracted from all the bikini bull riding? Seems like a stretch. We’ll just hang back and wait, thanks. We want to be able to devote all our attention to the bull. (more…)


    The industry has some fine holiday traditions. (Photo by Tony Tran | SPYONvegas.com)

    It’s officially close enough to Christmas that you should be feeling a vague sense of mounting panic over having your entire shopping thus far consist of picking up a box of candy canes at the Walgreen’s checkout line. And now come the parties, like at XS tonight where the Blackout Artists hold it down for the club’s Industry Holiday Party. Hey, you’ve got plenty of time to shop on December 24th. (more…)


    If Snooki stares at this picture, reality collapses in on itself.

    Proving that trashy people doing dumb shit knows no geographic constriction, South Carolina’s finest are hosting at Body English tonight. That’s right, Ryan Richards and the kinda hot Mattie Breaux of Party Down South have rodeo-week hosting duties. Finally, someone found the perfect confluence of NFR and the nightclubs. (more…)


    Never would’ve expected quality jazz hands out of Hank Jr.

    Hank Williams Jr., Hank Williams III’s drunk uncle of a father, gets the Golden Nugget ready for some football. Rodeo. Whatever. The NFR is ramping right up into high gear with Junior doing three straight nights (10 p.m., $142-$274). Christ, we wouldn’t pay that much for an aging redneck if we got Boss Hogg’s corpse. (more…)