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    Not bad for starters, but could use more twerking. (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

    Well, children. It sure does appear to be a Monday. And Diplo sure does appear to be at XS. Put it all together, and you come up with Mad Decent Monday. Which, now that we think about it … buckle up, because that means it’s time for another exciting round of What’s Diplo Tweeting Today?

    This dude spent $80k on beer at the club tonight .. Wish u were beer . Beer flex


    Permission to board?

    Lake Mead is going to be a dirty puddle in a few years and we’re all going to have to escape this blasted-out dustbowl sooner or later. In the mean time: Nautical adventures. Haze is doing Industry Aqua-holics tonight, where the biggest group scores a three-day, two-night houseboat stay and personal watercraft rental on Lake Mead. Grab a few gallons of souvenir water while it’s still there. (more…)


    How many Cookie Monsters had to die to make that coat?

    Brooklyn Bowl brings in Foxygen tonight (7 p.m., $16.50) which might be our new favorite portmanteau. Sorry, “Thaknsgivukkah.” You had your time. Of course, the fact that they appear to have a time-traveling Ron Howard in the band doesn’t hurt, either. (more…)


    Plaid corsets: For those times when you really want to try to bone Eddie Vedder.

    The Artisan’s XXX Nights turns to Nikita Von James tonight. She sounds like she should be some kind of sexy Cold War double agent. Or at the very least, a Bond girl. Though we guess her name isn’t double entendre-y enough to be a Bond girl, which is all sorts of ironic. (more…)


    Odd. This doesn’t look like he’s ready to rock your body.

    *NSync/glittery, polished pop fans past and present: Tonight is your night. Justin Timberlake brins his 20/20 Experience to the MGM Grand Garden Arena (8 p.m., $53-$203). Which is fine and all, but the bigger JT news is that the Lonely Island dudes got their own movie green-lit and there is zero chance he won’t have a role. Social Network what? (more…)


    We always said we liked our women see-through and glowing.

    One body painting show with strong Vegas ties didn’t make it, but another is all fired up. This time, it’s the Rebecca Romijn-hosted, RuPaul (and Las Vegan Robin Slonina)-judged Skin Wars on GSN. This one features Vegas graffiti artist-turned-body painter Gear Boxxx and the Inspire Theater is hosting a premiere party with him and fellow contestant Felle and Slonina starting at 7 p.m. There will be a Mini Elvis. Who could pass up Mini Elvis? No one. That’s who. (more…)


    All German DJs just make us think of Sprockets.

    Take a break from your usual routine of Dutch DJs, and mix it up with some German DJs tonight. Cosmic Gate’s Claus Terhoeven and Stefan Bossems bring their trance game to Marquee. Oh sure Germany, first you take the World Cup, now you have trance DJs. Is there anything else mainstream America doesn’t care about that you’d care to dominate? (more…)