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    Lemmy not included. Sadly. But Slim Jim ain’t a bad consolation prize.

    The Sin City Sinners roll up with Stray Cats drummer Slim Jim Phantom tonight at Brooklyn Bowl (7 p.m.), because you haven’t listened to enough “Stray Cat Strut” lately. Seriously, when was the last time you blasted “Stray Cat Strut” in your living room? Years ago? What are you even doing with your life? Getting your dinner from somewhere other than a garbage can? Total waste. (more…)


    Dom, not Tom, not Dan.

    If you’ve been saving your trip to Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club for a special occasion, this is the week to break it out. Dom Irrera headlines ($46-$68, 8 p.m.), and anyone who did a stint on Dr. Katz is right by us. And anyone who’s done a voice on Bob’s Burgers is doubly right by us. What we’re trying to say is: We watch too many cartoons. (more…)


    I think we have a contender for the star of the Big Boss Man biopic. (Photo by Erik Kabik)

    Finally, a night you don’t have to spend shufflin’ your cowboy boots at Stoney’s. (Other than during the ACMAs and PBR, we mean.) The Zac Brown Band is at MGM Grand Garden Arena (7:30, $47-$89). We can’t wait until country music and EDM cross over, so we can just have one big homogeneous stew appropriate for every Vegas occasion. (more…)


    Poor man’s Eminem likes to keep busy.

    Pop-punkers Yellowcard are at House of Blues tonight with Memphis May Fire (6:30 p.m., $32.50), in case you were sitting around wishing a Warped Tour would break out at any given minute. Which, aren’t we all, in a way? In the very specific way where we can’t wait to fail to ollie in front of a crowd waiting in a beer line before Blink-182 goes on? (more…)


    Jane Russell AND Hoagy Carmichael? It’s like all of our sex dreams come true.

    The Seven Essential Movies series trundles right along at Inspire Theater tonight with The Las Vegas Story To quote Bart Simpson: “Victor Mature, what an actor!” This is some OG Vegas-movie stuff right here, and you’d be remiss not to soak it all in. Howard Hughes made it, and there’s a good chance you’re living on some Hughes land right now. Do it for Hank. Or at the very least, do it so they bring the series back next year and show The Aviator. (more…)


    A Celtic band in a pub? What next? Clever allusions to James Joyce?

    The Tossers are a Celtic-punk band. But you knew that already, because they’re called “The Tossers.” If you really want to surprise your audience as a Celtic-punk band, you should probably go with “Ulster Is Quite Nice Sometimes.” Regardless, they’re at Vinyl tonight (8 p.m., $15-$20) and it’s not even St. Patrick’s Day. Feel free to get annihilated on Jameson, though. That’ll play year-round. (more…)


    Gotye-video chic.

    Local rock ‘n’ soul act Goldboot has Brooklyn Bowl duties tonight (7 p.m.) with Payola Prelsey and Lakes. Do they do a cover of “Girl in Gold Boots” in their set? If they don’t, that’s absolutely a thing they should do. That song is dope, and that movie is even more dope. It has a character named “Critter.” Have you ever seen a bad movie with a “Critter?” Of course you haven’t. (more…)


    Better than Ezra in the ’90s, or the Goth kids from South Park? You decide!

    The first night of the Rock ‘n’ Rill Wine Amplified Festival goes down tonight (until midnight, $69 for one-day pass) at the MGM lot across from Luxor, and there to play second-fiddle to train–an ignominy we can’t imagine suffering–is Better than Ezra, ready to pound out “Good” at a moment’s notice. Mostly, we just wanted to note that they were coming so we could post what has to be in the top, oh, 150 Norm MacDonald jokes of all time:



    Weren’t we just talking about Wednesday Addams yesterday?

    Proving that everything is better when you add four girls who are into mesh to the mix, the Dum Dum Girls are at the Cosmo’s Boulevard Pool tonight (7 p.m., $27.50-$38.50). There’s really been a dearth of all-black-wearing, mesh-lovin’ quartets at these poolside shows. It’s about time someone took steps to correct that. Why yes, we did used to post up at a food court spot that faced the Hot Topic. Why do you ask? (more…)


    Take THAT, Wednesdays in other locations.

    Tonight seems like a good night to revive Wednesdays Downtown, what with it being, you know, Wednesday and all. Nice weather, cheap booze. All that good stuff. Still, we’re kind of riled that this has absolutely nothing to do with the sister on The Addams Family. (more…)