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    NOW what club are we supposed to skydive into? (Photo by Derek Degner | SPYONvegas.com)

    A nine-year run is like 63 in club years. (Who’s a good club? You’re a good club, yes you are.) Moon has been offering al fresco clubbing since the middle of the Bush administration, but now it’s going to give way to a new concept on the top floor of the Palms’ Fantasy Tower.

    Immediately, the space will be available for private functions until a rebranding is complete–with no timetable given for that yet. Rain has been down since October 2012, leaving the updated Ghostbar as the property’s prime nightlife spot, with the pool still in play for the daylife set.

    Last August, renderings surfaced showing a concept for a remodeled Rain, as well as a club marked “Alias Jane.” Some of what you see in those renderings suggests it could be the Moon space.

    This doesn’t come as a shock–rumors of Moon closing to remodel have been out there for at least two years. Particularly after the adjoining Playboy Club closed in June 2012 to make way for The View last March, and since closed on March 21.


    Got all excited when we thought the Muppet rat was DJing, then re-read it was “Pizzo.” (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

    It’s Tuesday. Moon is open. Seems like that’s as good a time as any to have Moon Tuesday. Tonight, DJ Pizzo will be keeping you entertained while you curse the barometer for leaving it chilly enough that opening the roof would be iffy. The barometer factors into that, right? We’re not sure. We still think meteorology is witchcraft. (more…)


    What do you mean “wrong MVP?”

    Moon is handing out the MVP tonight for, let’s just see here … Most Valuable Promoter? Oh. Well, sorry, Montel Vontavious Porter. Guess we got you all excited about a night out for nothing.

    Instead, Moon hands out $3,000 to the “top two ballers.” Are we sure this has LeBron James? Nothing at all? Not even Bob Pettitt? We’re sure? All right, then. (more…)


    100 percent of DJs should be wearing Blossom hats. (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

    Moon turns to regular Allie Layus in order to heroically bring you some kind of entertainment on a Tuesday night. What else were you going to do? Laundry? That sounds awful. That’s what super hung over Sundays are for. (more…)


    Christmas pajamas are still pajamas, right? (Photo by Tony Tran | SPYONvegas.com)

    Moon is bucking the Naughty Santa trend tonight by encouraging lingerie without fake fur. It can even be in colors other than red, with their Pajama Party this evening. Though it seems like a perfectly good waste of seasonal lingerie, if you ask us. (more…)


    Same idea, basically.

    Continuing the tradition of fine “-nado”-based entertainment, Moon tonight is doing Cashnado. Where you can win a pile of cash, if you can survive inside a tornado full of sharks. At least that’s what we’re going to pretend this is about, until we’re explicitly told otherwise. (more…)


    Something, something, girls and cheeseburgers.

    Moon tonight is just throwing a bunch of stuff you like together in the blender and hoping you like the milkshake. It’s the Back 2 School Cheeseburger Bash, in honor of National Cheeseburger Day. You like schoolgirls! You love meats and cheeses! They’ll also have a yearbook photo booth. Are you not entertained? (more…)


    Welcome to The Sims: Nightlife Edition.

    Here’s a great find from VegasTripping.com: Renderings of the made-over Rain, as well as a club from the same designer designated Alias Jane.

    The former, as you can see in the five images below, are fairly self-explanatory. It looks like there’s going to be a lot of earth tones, some possible tweaks to the pool, and several dozen invisible people jamming out to a non-existent DJ.

    But a few others are more of a conundrum. We already know Ghostbar is coming back tomorrow night, and the Rain makeover is well under way. So that just leaves the Moon/Playboy Club space for the apparently S&M-vibed Jane, right? Except The Palms just did over the former Playboy spot as View. Not to mention looking at those four images doesn’t entirely line up with the current architecture in place, particularly the windows. Still, it seems closer than not that those are the spaces we’re looking at here, whether as an upcoming makeover or an abandoned concept.



    Both of these photos share this ornamentation, which would lead you to believe they’d be on the same floor. At the back of the top image is a bar backed by windows, just where the main bar in Playboy Club sat. There’s a DJ booth in roughly the same spot as there used to be as well. In the second image, the bar would be the one across from the elevator bank, with the side room to the left.



    The top image again shows what could be the bar facing Moon’s elevators with the room on the left being what would be the Satellite space.

    The problem is in the bottom image, which includes a high glass ceiling that doesn’t seem to be quite lined up as Moon’s retractable roof. It also doesn’t feature the mezzanine where you look down the dance floor or doors to the balcony. Neither does either of those two renderings take into account the windows that would surely feature prominently in any Moon redesign. That’s the best guess we have, but any other theorists out there are welcome to chime in.

    Rain_h1 Rain_h2

    Rain_h3 Rain_h4 Rain_h5


    Any woman who owns a Beavis & Butt-Head shirt must know how to have a good time. (Photos by Bryan Steffy)

    Now that the World Series of Poker is done, Attack Poker is having its official afterparty at Moon tonight, hosted by the duo of Laura Croft and Christine Smith. We’ll pause so you can get all the “pair” jokes out of your system. Done? Great. Anyway, the online poker site seems to be aggressively pursuing an “attractive ladies and games of chance” strategy. We think, for some reason, people might be into that. (more…)


    GBDC After Dark: The place you can find these guys. (Photo by Toby Acuna | SPYONvegas.com)

    Moon does another edition of Ghostbar Dayclub After Dark tonight, because you don’t want to have to wait until fall to break another pinata at a nightclub. And also because you can’t actually go to GBDC because you’re literally a vampire. Sorry about that, Blacula. (more…)