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    He should’ve ended the night by quietly slumping off his seat. Uh. Spoiler? (Photo by Bryan Steffy)

    Al Pacino, one of the greatest actors in the history of cinema once you resolve yourself to the fact that cinema ended in 1997, was at The Mirage on Saturday night to spin some yarns from his career. (Was “How did you get conned into doing Gigli one of those questions?)

    The one-nighter got a fancy turnout, including Jerry Lewis and Nic Cage. (He’s an Oscar winner. That’s fancy, right?) Plus Jerome Bettis, Paul Pierce and Glee’s Dot Marie Jones.

    Sadly, our question didn’t get asked. Now how are we supposed to know what kind of ass she had? Great? Oh, well. Glad we could clear that up, then. Thanks, Heat!


    Sadly, your ticket to tonight’s comedy show does not include staring at Eva Longoria. Or Edward James Olmos.

    Give George Lopez this: The dude does not give up on TV. After wrapping George Lopez and Lopez Tonight, he’s back with Saint George (because as the Latin Tony Danza, he can only play characters named after himself). Tonight he’s in at the Terry Fator Theatre for Aces of Comedy ( 10 p.m., $66-$88) where he’ll hope you forget all about Beverly Hills Chihuahua. (more…)


    Morimoto’s new restaurant may or may not feature a surfeit of Donkey Sauce. (Photo by Scott Roeben)

    Iron Chef‘s Masaharu Morimoto is taking over The Mirage’s Japonais space to bring his Morimoto Las Vegs to the updating and renovating casino.

    The new joint will open early in 2014, though no mention has been made of Chairman Kaga just standing out in front of the joint, just straight up biting into a pepper like it’s an apple, despite all the seeds and everything.


    The end of the road is apparently at center Strop.

    Dum doo doo da da! Dum doo doo da da! Da da da da! Daaa! Daaaaa daaaa da!

    (That’s the closest we’ll ever get to laying down any kind of cool harmony. Or especially cooleyhighharmony.)

    So Boyz II Men are following up on the promise of their holiday residency at The Flamingo in 2010 and will set up shop at The Mirage starting March 1 (without the classic lineup’s Michael McCary) for 78 shows through Dec. 29.

    Tickets will run $39.99 to $59.99 and are on sale now. And, along with the Guns ‘n’ Roses residency signals the beginning of a questionable state of affairs for popular bands from our junior high years. It’s only going to get worse. Our money is on a TLC reunion with Hologram Lisa “Lifet-Eye” Lopes headlining the Luxor sometime before 2014.


    Clubs. Shiny and new. Come along. They’re expecting you. (Photo by Denise Truscello, via Online.WSJ.com.)

    The Jet makeover is done and is just waiting to be revealed tomorrow night as 1Oak, complete with Fergie. The Wall Street Journal landed a sit-down with Butter Group (Light Group’s partner in the properties and originators of 1Oak in New York) partners Richie Akiva and Scott Sartiano.

    The guys don’t say a lot you haven’t heard from other new-venue nightlife interviews (” It’s about the product we offer, it’s about the design and marketing, it’s about someone who has been to 1 OAK in New York and sees that there’s one in Vegas,” Sartino said. Akiva added, “I think we’ve done a good job by giving people this experience and making them want to come back.”)

    The WSJ does touch on 1Oak’s plans to expand into Brazil and Mexico, though. As well as the club’s plans for embroidered pillows. Expect needlework to be the hot new club trend in 2012.


    So. This could happen. (Photos by Denise Truscello)

    When 1 OAK kicks off at the old Jet space on New Year’s Eve, it’ll do it with all the meth-addled, peeing-herself-on-stage fanfare it can muster. Because Fergie is coming to town. DJ Jesse Marco will spin, and humps will be name-checked during the evening. The grand opening weekend for the club isn’t until Jan. 27. By that time, they can probably rustle up Apl.de.ap and Taboo, too.


    This sort of thing happened all the time. (Photo by Amit Dadlaney | SpyOnVegas.com)

    We can’t really say we ever had a particularly great time at Jet. The flow through the place was stilted and we spent most of our time getting yelled at by bouncers any time we stood for half a second to try to see if we could find the people we were looking for down on the floor.

    Still, it was a club that always was a little more playful, willing to take weirder chances, than it’s Strip contemporaries. Sometimes, that means it would go heavy on your Larry Platts and your Tool Academy girls. Lord knows they hosted more Charm School and Rock of Love contestants than anyone ever should have.

    That willingness to experiment could come up with some major coups, though. Jet brought in Tiesto well before he exploded in Vegas, got a club performance out of Lady Gaga and had one of the biggest red carpets we’ve ever seen for Pauly D and The Situation just weeks after Jersey Shore made its premiere.

    Then there was the really good stuff, like Miss Butter Face, or having Slash perform there on his birthday with Tom Morello and Evan Seinfeld.

    But it’s all by the wayside this weekend, as Jet runs down with three more nights before it gives way to 1Oak come New Year’s. Tonight sees E-Man on the decks and tomorrow is G-Unit member Lloyd Banks. For the finale on Monday night, Fabolous does a live set. Then it’s see you on New Year’s. Hope the bouncers are a little nicer come then.


    The girls of San Diego seem friendly. (Photo by Chris English | SpyOnVegas.com)

    Only five more Mondays to go at Jet, and tonight they’re giving away a trip for 20 to San Diego to the industry group with the biggest crew. The bad news is you have to go see the Padres if you win. On a day Dustin Moseley is pitching. Hey, maybe he’ll get to his fourth win of the year! Maybe. (more…)


    God, it’s like Gutenberg threw up all over the walls. Johannes, not Steve.

    According to today’s New York Post, the Jet overhaul, which starts after a Labor Day Weekend party with Fabolous, may end up in a full-on takeover by New York nightlife spot 1Oak.

    1Oak’s Richie Akiva, Scott Sartiano and Ronnie Madra are close to signing a deal to take over the Light Group’s 16,000-square-foot JET nightclub at the Mirage and bring their Chelsea hot spot to Vegas. Sources say the night-life impresarios plan to open 1Oak Vegas by New Year’s Eve.

    A spokeswoman for the Light Group declined comment on the story, but proooooobably worth noting that the website 1OakLasVegas.com is registered to Light. The NYC spot’s website is 1OakNYC.com. So, uh. Looks like this is going to go down, likely as a partnership between the two operators.


    Bar. Rhumbar.

    Well, get ready to spend the whole night regretting the fact that you don’t own a tuxedo. Rhumbar is doing a James Bond party (on Bondage Tuesday, appropriately), with From Rhumbar with Love. They’re serving up free GoldenEye cocktails for ladies from 9 to 10 p.m. (pineapple, cranberry and rum — shaken). The hottest bond girl and best bond villain win a pair of designer shoes and a round at a shooting range — we assume respectively. Though Dr. No in pumps would be delightful. (more…)