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    Spot-on LMFAO from Key & Peele — up to and including a fake album called Songs in the Key of Party which we’re going to go ahead and assume will be the actual name of Redfoo’s next record. Incidentally, this is generally how we feel when we go to clubs. “Oh God, is this the way out? Just through this do– FUCK.”


    Back from whence you came. (Photos by Al Powers | SPYONvegas.com)

    The bad news is we’ll still continue to hear “Party Rock Anthem” 86 times a day no matter where you are or what you’re doing. But the good news is LMFAO will not be recording any new anthems, party rocking or otherwise. Remember when they they were in the midst of those breakup rumors, and recorded a video just to deny them? Yeah, well. Turns out awkwardly dancing with Madonna at the Super Bowl halftime was the tip of that particular super-annoying iceberg. To the chagrin of zebra spandex enthusiasts, LMFAO has broken up.

    So what’s up for the post-LMFAO life of Redfoo? “He’s been spending time on the tennis courts in Las Vegas as a coach for a junior player (Ayaka Okuno).” Well. That’s not exactly what we expected.

    Still, whether it’s a potential LMFAO reunion down the line or solo tunes, like one he’s working on for the Patriots, for some reason, Redfoo said, “All the music that I’m going to make is always going to be LMFAO-ish. I was really passionate about bringing party music to the world, so I will always be making some kind of party music.”

    Shit. We were so close to getting out.


    Sorry for party rockin’ and also keeping all the proceeds of party rockin’. (Photo by Brenton Ho)

    This could be fun. In that future summers could be saved from squawky, ubiquitous, electro house.

    Citing Redfoo’s Party Rock Mondays at Marquee, the New York Post is reporting that there’s a festering boil of animosity swelling between him and Skyblu.

    But aside from the NFL gig in February, the rappers … have since rarely taken the stage together, and sources say a growing rift between the two over money has developed.

    “Redfoo has always been promoting himself, doing his own thing,” a source said — resulting in his getting more $100,000-a-night DJ gigs than Sky Blu. … Sources say Redfoo’s use of the band’s “Party Rock” title for his personal events has become a sore point.

    Do we get to go on the Acrimonious Split Followed By 15 Years of Failed Solo Projects and Inevitable Cash Grab Reunion in 2027 ride now?


    Before thweir discovery by the WWF, The Headshrinkers were a little-known electro hop duo. (Photo by Brenton Ho)

    Labor Day weekend wrapped up with an electro-celebration at Marquee Day Club on Monday as Benny Benassi treated fans to a live vocal performance from Gary Baker with the hit “Cinema” and later LFMAO and the Party Rock crew took over the booth for one song as they filmed a music video.
    Benny Benassi, owner of THE GREATEST MUSIC VIDEO OF ALL TIME, returned at night followed by DJ Chuckie, drawing notable names including Paris Hilton and DJs Kaskade and Axwell to Marquee Nightclub. Around 3 a.m. the crowd was in store for another surprise with a performance from Redfoo and Skyblu of LMFAO with Apl.de.ap from the Black Eyed Peas getting in on the action.


    So, monthly Stephanie Pratt, too? (Photos by Denise Truscello)

    Marquee is collecting residents like your ex-girlfriend collected petty grudges.

    On Mondays, the club will be rotating Eric D-Lux and Vice in the main room with Lisa Pittman in the Library and Jordan Stevens in the Boom Box Room for its industry night. Then, starting Jan. 31, Redfoo of LMFAO will host the monthly Party Rock Mondays, just to extend their reach as the Andrew WK of the electro set.

    They’ll also be bringing in performers on Mondays, with De La Soul on Jan. 17 (completely awesome) and Kelis Jan. 24 (not nearly as awesome).


    … AT MITT ROMNEY! (Photos by Al Powers | SpyOnVegas.com)

    It’s not every day you can slap around a Utah governor, but Sky Blu of LMFAO got to indulge in that rarest of treats on a flight from Vancouver to Los Angeles on Monday, according to TMZ. Quoth the Levin:

    (I)t all started when he leaned his seat back while the plane was still on the tarmac … and Romney, who was sitting behind him, started yelling at him to put his seat back up.

    Sky Blu claims Romney then reached forward and grabbed his shoulder … so he slapped the Presidential wannabeen’s hand away. Shortly after, authorities boarded the plane and escorted Sky Blu off the flight … and the other member of LMFAO got it all on tape.”

    The problem with slapping Mitt Romney is that you’re liable to break your hand on his hair. (more…)


    Once they collaborate with Andrew W.K., the Partygeddon will be upon us. (Photos by Al Powers | SpyOnVegas.com)

    Bringers of angry missives about pounding hooch an ounce and a half at a time, LMFAO, are at Blush inside Wynn Las Vegas tonight, Zubaz, Troy Polamalu hair and all. Seriously, though, maybe it’s just Lil John, but “Shots” is the most aggressive, confrontational drinking song ever. And we like drinking. We just don’t want to be scared every time the PA starts blasting and we’re caught with just, like, a beer. It’s too much pressure. This is why we never played One, Two, Three Drink in college. We’d get skittish and jump the gun on “Two.” There aren’t a lot of rules in that game to break, either, but we did it.

    Anyway, here’s some LMFAO from this summer at Wet Republic. Everything seems a lot less confrontational when it’s 120 degrees out and there are girls in bikinis everywhere.



    It’s Redfoo’s birthday, bitch. (Photo by Hew Burney | SpyOnVegas.com)

    LMFAO is getting to be as much a Vegas staple as blackjack, strip club limo scams and overtipping your hooker. Sky Blu and Redfoo were here in full force over the weekend, hosting at Tao inside The Venetian to deliver their set, interrupted by Sky Blu’s directing the audience to sing “Happy Birthday” to Redfoo for his 34th.

    Shawn Marion of the Mavericks (who did NOT choke out Tila Tequila, for the record) was in the crowd with a group of 10. Nickleback singer Chad Kroeger was there with the rest of the band, no doubt gathering up material for the next dirty Nickleback song. (We get it Nickleback. You like having a whole bunch of sex. Jesus, even W.A.S.P. was more subtle.)

    Over at Lavo, Joan Rivers had dinner with daughter Melissa and her 8-year-old grandson. In the grandma lottery, getting one who had a longstanding feud with Johnny Carson is a pretty cool score.


    It’s nice they’re doing well enough to employ a professional bikini-wearer. (Photos by Al Powers | SpyOnVegas.com)

    LMFAO got it going at Tao Beach yesterday where they were filming the video for their latest, “Shots,” with Lil John where they were getting poolgoers into the video while they filmed. Incidentally, would there be anything more terrifying than trying to hang out by the pool, maybe read a book, then have Lil John show up waving a video camera around and getting all up in your face? Like, that’s the kind of thing little kids have nightmares about, right?

    From there, it was off to dinner at Tao in a group of 20 that included Shwayze and DJ Eric Dlux. When they were done, the crew paraded into the club clapping and using chopsticks to keep the beat with the DJ. Or maybe they just wanted some chow mein. We’re really not sure.

    The duo, celebrating the release of their CD Party Rock, did a set that included “I’m in Las Vegas Bitch,” “I Am Not a Whore” and “Shots” (twice) with Lil John jumping on stage and swilling from his ridiculous-yet-awesome iced out Tao Patron bottle. Redfoo and Sky Blu got into the booth with DJ Five to spin until around 3 a.m. There for the show were Antawn Jamison of the Washington Wizards and UFC head Dana White. Mark Balls of Dancing with the Satars ate at Lavo. Hit up SpyOn for the full run of pictures.

    lmfao_h11 lmfao_h21 lmfao_h31


    If we could grow our hair like that, we’d look like OJ in The Naked Gun. (Photo by Tony Tran | SpyOnVegas.com)

    Sky Blu and Red Foo, the normal-haired and super puffy-haired halves of LMFAO, respectively, are all up in the Palms tonight, taking contest winners to dinner at Nove and then to play blackjack before headlining Moon. The Satellite Bar has Damien Jay.

    The electro duo scored an indie hit with “I’m in Miami, Bitch.” So naturally, the first thing they had to do was deliver an “I’m in Las Vegas, Bitch” remix. We’re holding out for “I’m in Schenectady, Bitch.”