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    When choosing a new employer, it’s always wise to consider which are the bikini-est. (Photo by Gabe Zapata | SPYONvegas.com)

    It has to absolutely infuriate the rest of the country, mired in single digits, to know that in Vegas, we’re already making active preparations for pool season. Oh sure, they’ll get us back in August when they can go get in a car and drive off without their tires having turned to magma and fused with the pavement, but for the moment: HAH-hah!

    Already, the pools are asking you to don your finest swimwear (which you can totally wear out of the house right now, unlike, say, if you lived in Brimson, Minn.) and head on down to Haze between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. January 20 and 21. The Light Group is casting for table hostesses, marketing hosts, bar hosts, security, food runners and table bussers for Bare, Daylight and Liquid. We’re not saying you should bring a Super Soaker and hose down the people doing the hiring, we’re just saying it’ll make you seem summer-oriented and playful if you do.



    Crocodile Dundee’s hot sister would use her family’s ancient hypnotic trick to get customers to tip over 20 percent.

    You’ve probably wondered before, “How far is Daily Fiasco willing to go to reference a movie nobody’s cared about for roughly two decades?” Well, now you know – far enough to crop a picture specifically to keep that hand gesture in the shot.


    Don’t move, or the abs get it. (Photo by Denise Truscello)

    Wedding-plannin’ Season 17 Bachelor couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici spent the weekend at Mirage and Aria. On Friday, they did dinner at Stack before going to 1 Oak to just drink Red Bull, no booze. Which is like pulling your teeth out without all the fun of a six-day meth bender.

    On Saturday, Lowe and Giudici were joined by three girlfriends from Dallas before hitting up Kumi at Mandalay Bay and moving on to Haze. Now they can go ride off into the post-reality sunset as The Bachelor turns to Juan Pablo Galvais in Season 18, fresh off a Bachelorette loss. Sunrise, sunset, etc.


    He couldn’t even get a lousy cameo on the last Mission Impossible? (Photo by Seva Kalashnikov)

    Tom Cruise’s kid, DJ Connor Cruise, was at Liquid on Saturday to spin. See, Will Smith? You don’t have to drag your kids into bloated acting projects. Let them find their own way. Maybe, for instance, they could work on a collaboration with Chet Haze somewhere down the road, make it a whole thing. The hook can be that Alan Thicke is in the band too, doing the songwriting.


    Big as grapefruits, big as pumpkins.

    While it was Tiger Jam weekend, the fundraiser’s namesake was setting up shop in a Liquid cabana where, “There was a frenzy … many girls were trying to get up to his cabana, but were unsuccessful.”

    Because Tiger was already hanging out with a bunch of girls. Seems like he must be mellowing in his age, because a young, hungry Tiger would have lined all those women up and run down the line. And then text them about the slapping, biting and spankings they’re in for.


    Aaaand now you’ve been hexed. Thanks, Crystal Method.

    Liquid kicks off its new monthly nighttime pool party, MoonRise, at 6 p.m. with a turn from Vegas’ own Crystal Method. Now we’re going to have to go ’97 style and listen to “Busy Child” like a million times. If we can drink about a million beers out of a plastic cup before 10 p.m., we’ll have this whole return-to-college thing entirely on lockdown. (more…)


    See, it’s funny ‘cuz fondant can’t play tapes. (Photos by Denise Truscello)

    Mark Salling, who you’ll know as “the mohawked one on the show where they sing pop music in an annoying choir,” was at Liquid Saturday for a mindful sit-down with the Easter Bunny. Presumably because he got gypped on those Reese’s Eggs that are like more addictive than crystal meth dipped in Farmville and are basically an excuse to eat Reese’s peanut butter by the gobs under the guise of it being OK because it’s a holiday. But you know deep down if they sold those things year-round you’d eat them until peanut butter oozed out your pores.