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    Smart move, keeping Chris Brown laughing. (Photos by Danny Mahoney)

    The good news is now that it’s officially Halloween Week, your chances of seeing girls in costumes is increasing exponentially. The bad news is it’s only Monday, so your chances still aren’t spectacular. Still, a few is better than none, and Jermaine Dupri is at XS tonight for Jermaine Dupri Strikes Back: The So So Def Saga Continues. Dammit, Jermaine. Taking your naming conventions from George Lucas is a terrible idea. Or do you need to watch Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace again? (more…)


    Chris Brown, seen here shortly after someone asked him what would’ve happened if there were cameras recording in his car. (Photos by Danny Mahoney)

    The conspiracy-minded among us like to play a fun little game called “who benefits the most?” Go ahead and Google “Gary Condit” and see how fast “9/11″ comes up. If those people are right, then Chris Brown must’ve been needling Ray Rice for months.

    Brown, now off the hook as America’s Most Recognizable Woman Beater, was at XS Friday night to celebrate So So Def mogul Jermaine Dupri’s 42nd birthday. He pulled assists from Usher, One Direction’s Niall Horan, Schoolboy Q, Tommy Lee and fiancee Sofia Toufa, and Jesse Waits.

    They hopped up on the stage after Skrillex wrapped to sing “Happy Birthday,” then stayed up to do “New Flame” as part of a half-hour set that ended at 3:30 a.m. Not to be outdone, Minecraft lead designer Markus “Notch” Persson was in the club, drinking the $5,000 Five Star cocktail. Which is the kind of thing you can do when Microsoft shells out $2.5 billion for your video game. He probably thinks that’s just what cocktails cost now. We need to open a bar right near wherever this guy lives. “No, we’ve got a happy hour special tonight. Two-for-one wells, only $3,500.”

    Dupri was back at it on Saturday, partying with Brown and his off-again, doesn’t-get-the-hint-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran. They had cutouts of Dupri’s face in the crowd, which is goddamn terrifying. Horan and fellow One Directioner Zayn Malik kept it at XS, where they were partying with Ed Sheeran and Macklemore, in what has to be the whitest night at XS on record. Were John Cougar Mellancamp and U2 just completely unavailable that night? Dupri swung over to XS as Lil Jon was wrapping up, in time for him to drop “Turn Down for What” and “Bend Ova,” before handing off to Macklemore to do “Same Love.” (more…)

    SO SO 39

    We’re pretty sure his birthday wish was for lightsabers, because there seem to be two behind him. (Photo by Danny Mahoney)

    Jermaine Dupri kept his 39th birthday party going last night, getting up in the booth at Tryst. He got a cake with headphones, but nary a Daddy Mac nor a Mac Daddy there to celebrate with him. We mean, really. What’s even the point of foisting Kris Kross on an unsuspecting world if they’re not going to be there for you as you approach middle age?


    Hey, if he was going to be there anyway …

    Jermaine Dupri was already Prive’s de facto go-to DJ, and now they’ve gone and put a ring on it. The So So Def Recordings founder and former beau to Janet Jackson, will be the Friday night resident at the Planet Hollywood club starting tonight as We Rock Hip Hop shifts from Mondays to Fridays. Dupri will appear most Fridays — he’s already scheduled for the Oct. 16 and 23. Dupri has made fairly regular appearances at the club since July ’08, and has seriously stepped up his presence since spring.


    Attention world: Don’t wear your headphones like this. Ever.

    Prive got right into making the most of its temporary 30-day liquor license Friday night by bringing in stalwart Jermaine Dupri to spin for a house that included David Hasselhoff because hell yes, David Hasselhoff. The Hoff got there around 1:30 a.m. after checking out Peepshow, perhaps wistfully recalling the days when he was on a Vegas stage in women’s clothing.

    Also at Peepshow this weekend were Ice T and Coco, after they had dinner at Strip House last night. They’re at Prive tonight for the return of We Rock Hip Hop.

    dupri_v1 dupri_v2


    Needs more So So Def stickers.

    Fresh off his breakup with Janet Jackson and the release of this video, Jermaine Dupri was at Prive inside Planet Hollywood Resort Friday night to man the turntables, making up for his missed performance Fourth of July weekend when he had to cancel due to Michael Jackson’s death.

    Dupri did say, “This has been a very tough time for me, Michael will always be greatest.” We’re not positive, but we suspect he added, “Don’t start gettin’ the money ’til I tell y’all to get off the stage. Y’all just keep fuckin’ dancing.”

    On Saturday, Dustin Milligan of 90210 was there to celebrate his 24th birthday with girlfriend Jessica Stroup with a crew of 15. Luke Perry’s invite was, presumably, lost in the mail.

    dupri_h1 dupri_h2 dupri_h3


    ESPN got its hands on some video of Nelly, Jermaine Dupri and Adam “Pacman” Jones inside Minxx the night of the 2007 shooting there, and it’s not without its own set of delightful highlights. First, you have two ESPN newscasters struggling with a super-serious reading of “make it rain.” Then you have Nelly holding a stack of $1 bills wagging his finger at the camera, but best of all, you have Dupri, who got on the mic to deliver these little words of wisdom:

    Listen, we will show y’all how to make it rain. I’m Jermaine Dupri, right? Y’all up here to dance. Don’t bend down and try to get your money. Alright? Don’t start gettin’ the money ’til I tell y’all to get off the stage. Y’all just keep fuckin’ dancing.”

    Oh man, that’s gorgeous. First of all, yelling at strippers for diving at money is like yelling at puppies for being so damn adorable. Second, take this as a lesson. When you’re going to commandeer a strip club mic, always announce who you are, as long as you masterminded “You Make Me Wanna.” Of course Diamondine on Stage Six is going to pay attention to the dude who produced a couple Usher records. (more…)


    Smile! You’re on Dupri Camera!

    Producer Jermaine Dupri, who’s been milling around town for the past couple of weeks, dropped in at J Roc of Love last night at Moon inside the Palms around 1 a.m. with a group of four after a night of work at The Studio at The Palms. Of course, what better way to celebrate a night of hard work than with a kind-of, sort-of, pseudo reality show event featuring girls from the Spearmint Rhino? Janet would have wanted it this way.


    It’s raining money …

    You know, we like to think we have a funny take on Las Vegas’ nightlife industry … but we know one guy who makes us look about as humorous as tortured Burmese monks: DJ Adam 12. The dapper, dark suited musicologist is one half of our favorite electro-rock band, She Wants Revenge, but he’s also an in-demand DJ and biting social commentator.

    Here’s his take on the launch of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino nightclub Privé’s new Monday night industry party, “Money for Nothing,” which kicked off this week with guest DJ Jermaine Dupri. Let ‘em have it, Adam …

    On my way home from Sundance, I got stuck overnight in Las Vegas. Fortunately, my best friend Bree lives there and it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been…

    The LV airport is my favorite place in the whole world…
    So is Wal-Mart in middle America on the day before Christmas… (more…)