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    Django said knock you out.

    This is just a banner week for Mike Tyson. First his Adult Swim cartoon gets a trailer, now he has Jamie Foxx playing him in a movie that may involve Martin Scorsese.

    Just one problem: The movie is about the young Tyson’s rise, and Foxx is 46.

    But don’t you worry! They’ve got some sort of new animation that can handle this. They probably just reverse-engineered the Benjamin Button program, we guess.

    “Within a year to 18 months, we’re going to do the Mike Tyson story and he’s going to portray me, and now they have this new animation; because you know Jamie’s pretty much my age so he can’t portray me but they have this new system,” Tyson told the Mirror.

    There is, unfortunately, no computer in the world powerful enough to make Foxx even one-sixteenth as terrifying as a 20-year-old Tyson.


    Still not messin’ with no broke, broke.

    Apparently the International Date Line-hopping Tao flight wasn’t the only thing Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio got up to on New Year’s. After Kim, Kanye and the Kanyebe (yes, we’re going to keep calling it that until it catches on) hosted at 1 Oak, Foxx got on mic to do “Gold Digger” for a crowd that included Leo, Kevin Connolly, Jonah Hill, John Legend and Emmannuelle Chriqui. We’re sure the Kanyebe (USE IT!) was duly impressed.


    That is some aggressive cake-eating. (Photos by Al Powers. Additional photos by Brenton Ho.)

    Brandy had a solid audience in front of her when she celebrated her engagement/New Year’s Eve at Lavo. Her husband-to-be Ryan Press was there, because he pretty much had to be. But people who didn’t have to be there included Jamie Foxx, Kevin Connolly and Emmanuelle Chriqui. With Piven over at Hyde, we were just a Adrien Grenier and Kevin Dillon away from collecting the whole set. And we guess Jerry Ferrara, too, but we imagine getting a Jerry Ferrara is like getting a Kurt Bevacqua in your ’86 Topps packs. Everyone has several, and most people just jam ‘em in the spokes of their bike.

    Meanwhile, Tao had J Cole for a three-song set and Benny Benassi kicked off his 2013 Metamorphosis residency at Marquee.


    Regular people, doing regular people things, surrounded by nearly naked go-gos. (Photo by Al Powers)

    Tao let its 100,000th Facebook fan host Worship Thursday last night, which is kind of a terrible idea when you consider she isn’t a crazy celebrity liable to do something stupid. Where’s the fun in that? Still, San Diego’s Jaime Zielinski did the whole deal in a room that included Jamie Foxx, Warren Sapp and Cullen Jones. Seems like they’re kind of going about the whole thing backwards. Next time, let the guy who can get Ron Howard to appear in the video for his vanity-project song do all the hosting, Tao.


    Bearded Jamie Foxx looks like he’s ready to play Young Rick Ross. (Photos by Cassi Thomas | Erik Kabik Photography)

    Benicio del Toro was at Tryst, Charlize Theron turned up at Spago on Saturday and Jamie Foxx hit up Rehab on Sunday. It was apparently 2-for-1 drinks weekend for Academy Award winners. We’re kind of surprised Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t trolling for discounted Bud Lights, forlornly clinging to her Best Supporting Actress statue.

    Foxx hit the Rehab stage with Ne-Yo, while Sean Kingston and Nipsey Hussle also performed and Carmello Anthony checked into potential Knicks trading partners who had cap space from the VIP. Foxx double dipped into the Rehab afterparty at Vanity that night where he was pouring out shots for girls around him. DJ Whoo Kid also made an appearance, so you can rest easy that the G-Unit made its presence felt. That was nearly a crisis.


    You can really feel the unpreparedness from here. (Photos by Erik Kabik | Retna)

    It was the sucker punch heard ’round the world on Saturday night when Floyd Mayweather knocked out Victor “Headbuttin’” Ortiz at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in a moment that won’t exactly go down as a paen to courage and grace under pressure. It will, however, go down in a lesson in protectin’ ya neck, because apparently Ortiz wasn’t paying attention to Professor RZA.

    In the crowd for all the chin-checking they could handle were Mark Wahlberg, Diddy, Jamie Foxx and omnipresent Salacious Crumb to Money’s Jabba the Hutt, 50 Cent.


    Teach me how to Jamie, teach me teach me how to Jamie. (Photos by Chris Weeks)

    Jerome Bettis, Toni Kukoc and Drew Brees all tied the Friday round of the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational at 55. Their prize? Being serenaded by Jamie Foxx. The star of Stealth performed at a private gala for the celebs at Aria, that included a set from Boyz II Men and comedian Kevin Hart.

    On the course, ESPN’s Stuart Scott let a 15-year-old take a shot at 17, offering $1,000 for his college education if he dropped the ball within 15 feet of the pin on the 164-yard par 3. He didn’t make it, and now he has to deal with the downside of failing the shot — editing Chris Berman’s sizzle reel. Bad call, kid. Never should have taken that bet. (more…)


    Huh. The cover of the Jamie Foxx album is just a pic of Foxx with some text hastily scrawled on? (Photos by Denise Truscello)

    A birthday party and an album release party. It was exactly the kind of night that Jamie Foxx loves: One entirely about Jamie Foxx.

    He celebrated the release of Best Night of My Life at the Playboy Club inside the Palms last night, scored a key to the club and did a few tracks for the crowd. He also snuck in a birthday party at the Hardwood suite and dinner at N9NE Steakhouse.

    The album doesn’t come out until Dec. 21 — just in time for Christmas, in case you have to buy a gift for someone you clearly hate. Soulja Boy and Jamie Foxx together on one track? Christmas miracles really do come true.


    Should’ve burned those a long time ago. (Photos by Hew Burney | SpyOnVegas.com. Additional photo by Scott Harrison | Retna)

    Jamie Foxx, ever the retiring flower, got up in front of the crowd at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Rehab yesterday to bang out a few songs and then spread out the Champagne — both by serving it to people around him and hosing down the crowd with it. That’s all well and good and properly baller, but why doesn’t anyone go for a Three Stooges-style seltzer bottle hose-down? Maybe throw a pie or two. Let’s see some variety out there, people.

    Ray J, who was still going from the night before at Vanity, joined Foxx’s table on the stage. Foxx also hit up Timbaland, who chatted for a while, to work with him on some music. Amid all of it, Chris Brown was there. Wearing a wife-beater. He also has tattoos of Super Mario-esque stars, but with x’s for eyes. You know, like they just got punched. That has to be refreshing to really be that unaware of your own publicity, because we’re pretty sure if it were us, we’d go everywhere dressed like a mummy.

    Also with Foxx was Too Short, who stayed at his table before leaving for SkyBar, where America’s Next Top Model winner Eva Pigford set the stage before heading over to Vanity. The crowd at the club included the Bulls’ Joakim Noah, the Bears’ Chester Taylor, the Giants’ Michael Strahan, poker pro Antonio Esfandiari and boxers Ricky Hatton, Sergio Mora and Winky Wright. Singer Trey Songz brought record exec Kevin Liles, while in a booth next to the DJ was porn star Jenny Hendrix. (more…)


    Who wants to give Jamie Foxx a hug? (Photos by Erik Kabik | Retna)

    Jamie Foxx kicked off two days of shows by broadcasting his Sirius radio show The Foxxhole Friday at the Hard Rock Hotel. During the show, he spun some Michael Jackson music and got up to break off MJ dance moves for the crowd. Which had to thrill his radio audience. Man, there’s better than driving in your car listening to someone dance.

    Seeing as how this is Jamie Foxx, after his whole MJ tribute at the BET Awards, he probably thinks he is Michael Jackson now. That’s good news for Ray Charles fans who were sick of Foxx, but it’s one more thing longtime Jackson fans are going to have to endure. Until either the Reverend Run dies and Foxx can pretend to be him for a while, or he stars in a Miles Davis biopic and starts carrying a trumpet around with him every damn where he goes. If he could re-enact his swordfight with a Raul Julia stand-in, all the better.

    He did two shows at The Joint Friday and Saturday night. On Friday he brought Keyshia Cole up from the audience to do a couple of songs while on Saturday he used MC Hammer and Too Short. Can someone please, please confirm that Hammer did the “Addams Groove” with Foxx dressed as Uncle Fester? Because we don’t want to live in a world where that didn’t happen. (more…)