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    The giant dogtag is, in this case, a step in a more subtle direction.

    Human YouTube food vlog Guy Fieri had as perfectly a Guy Fieri kind of weekend as you’d expect. On Saturday night he went to see Kid Rock at the Cosmo’s Boulevard Pool–on a weekend Staind played here no less, for an agonizing night of choosing between terrible, terrible music.

    Then on Monday night, Fieri did his Food Network duty and graced Giada De Laurentiis’ new kitchen at The Cromwell. In case you were wondering how fried Tabasco/ranch Krispies went on lasagna. They’re going to have to create new Health Department codes for too much Fieri in the kitchen, aren’t they? Like, there’s got to be an acceptable level we can all live with, but it’s starting to feel like we’re creeping over that line. (more…)


    Cut his life into pieces, this is the last resort.

    Good news, foodies! Anthropomorphic Papa Roach song Guy Fieri is bringing a restaurant to The Quad. It’ll be 7,000 square feet right at the entrance and adjacent to Carnaval Court. It’ll be easy to spot because it’ll be the only restaurant on the Strip with a flame job and sunglasses.

    “I’m looking forward to guests, tourists and locals, experiencing my high-energy yet comfortable dining experience fit for all ages and fans of great food and great entertainment,” Fieri said in a statement that leads us to believe he doesn’t understand what the word “great” means. No word on when the restaurant’s sidewalk Donkey Sauce cannon will be coming on-line.


    He has to leave a trail of blond dye behind him wherever he goes, right? (Photo by Scott Roeben)

    Human “Hooters in the Sketchy Part of Town” and UNLV alum Guy Fieri was with Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto during the opening of Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars last night. We guess that means Kitchen Stadium is just going to be straight-up covered in jalapeno poppers and Chairman Kaga is going to rock sunglasses on the back of his head now.


    This shouldn’t be the picture of anything other than an overbearing Hackensack Little League dad.

    Human broken-down ’78 Trans-Am Guy Fieri was the subject of much internet scorn following this brutal New York Times takedown of his American Kitchen & Bar. And now, the UNLV grad (oh, how UNLV must be proud of this one) said critic Pete Wells was just looking to make a name for himself by attacking a celeb chef. As if writing for the Times as a critic weren’t already doing pretty damn good. (more…)