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    Estelle, seen here doing her best Dorothy on Golden Girls impression.

    The Soul Train awards were in town this weekend, and Estelle was given the Best International Female Artist award. So to celebrate, she went over to The Bank on Friday and did “American Boy.” So have fun having that stuck in your head for the rest of the month, like it was 2008 all over again.

    Over at 1 Oak, Lloyd came in to freestyle and sing some a capella, hanging until 3 a.m. Shanna Moakler was there to keep it low key without booze or socializing. Because we find our favorite place to sulk is in a crowded nightclub? We guess? Common was over at Haze on Saturday, hitting the stage around 2 a.m. and also doing some freestyling. Prepared rhymes are clearly for suckers.


    Needs more Costner. (Photos by Erik Kabik)

    Estelle busted out her own Whitney Houston tribute at Pure last night, doing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me),” the most parenthetically endowed of all of Whitney’s hits. She also ran through “One Love,” “American Boy,” natch, and “Freak” after hitting the stage around 1 a.m. in her thigh-high boots. How does any broad get away with thigh-highs in Vegas without dudes trying to slip singles in the waistband of her skirt? It seems like more trouble than it’s worth.


    Who knew Moe liked frozen treats so much? (Photo by David Becker)

    Still haven’t heard enough “American Boy” since ’08? Head on over to Pure tonight, where Estelle will be in full effect. Kanye just can’t stay away from the broads with the crazy short hair, can he? Estelle. Amber Rose. It’s like he goes to alopecia support groups to troll for strange. (more…)


    Estelle then unhinged her jaw and displayed her serpentine ability to devour things whole. (Photo by David Becker)

    British R&B songstress Estelle gave a performance at Chateau at Paris Las Vegas on Sunday after energizing her body with a candy-fueled sugar high from sweets at the Sugar Factory American Brasserie.
    The Grammy Award-winner enjoyed the cobb salad at Sugar Factory and followed with green tea, a cinnamon and sugar-coated caramel apple and a couture pop before filling up two bags of bulk candy for her friends – sure, Estelle, for your “friends.”
    She then took the stage at the nightclub where she performed some of her many hits her hit single “American Boy” and two other songs.