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    Here. Have a drink on Enrique.

    Enrique Iglesias didn’t make it to the Latin Grammys last night, but he turned up at Haze around 1 a.m. for an afterparty anyway. Which, really, why not cut to the chase? Who wants to sit through four hours of people running up on stage to thank their families?

    Iglesias left around 3 a.m., with Anna Kournikova nowhere to be found. Which we assume means that Haze redecorated itself as a winner’s podium on a tennis court.


    Enrique Iglesias hasn’t been this disinterested since Anna Kournikova’s last tennis match. (Photos by Denise Truscello)

    Enrique Iglesias rolled into LAX inside Luxor last night around 11 p.m. after the Latin Grammys, fading the red carpet and his fans outside to go straight into the club. To be fair, we’d duck a crowd that kept singing “Bailamos” at us, too. It just gets awkward after a while. Once inside, he did take pictures with a few fans, but mostly hung out with his crew. His ladyfriend, Anna Kournikova, didn’t make the trip. The Australian Open is coming up in a couple of months and she has to make sure she’ll be in top form not to win it.


    Well, Someone in this pic can be our hero. And it’s not Enrique. (Photo by Shane O’Neal)

    Enrique Iglesias took a break from shooting photos for his upcoming album and hit up the Playboy Club inside the Palms last night where Bunny Tiffany presented him with a key to the club. Which now means that the Playboy Club will be required to play his father Julio’s “Feliz Navidad” at least once a night from Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve. So, thanks, Enrique. Thanks for that.

    Meanwhile, over at Tao, Chazz Palminteri — who’s gearing up for another run of A Bronx Tale starting April 28 at The Venetian Showroom — was overheard saying he’s 100 percent Sicilian and proud of it. Che bene.