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    They don’t care about all the rebounds, they just want to check out the anthropomorphic disco ball. (Photos by Bryan Steffy)

    Noted Irishman Dennis Rodman was at Tabu Saturday night to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, because Colin Farrell was busy, and Rodman was the second-most notable Ireland-related personality they could think of.

    Rodman — in town the same night ex-wife Carmen Electra was hosting at Chateau — had Irished-up go-go dancers sent over to his booth, and got up and danced on the table drinking Jager, wearing a women’s shirt and smoking a cigar. In other words, having the Rodmaniest St. Patrick’s Day ever.


    Basketball would be a lot more entertaining if they had to wear flowing robes. (Photos by Tom Donoghue)

    Dennis Rodman is just going like full-on Minnie Pearl. Or at least Greg Valentine.

    Rodman was at Club Nikki Saturday night for his Hall of Fame induction party, doing all the Rodmaniest things possible, like smoking a cigar, wearing women’s clothes and, apparently, stealing one of the Macho Man’s bedazzled cowboy hats.

    He also led the crowd in songs. Because when a 6-foot-6 man in sequins tells you to sing, you sing, Goddammit.


    Look closer. That ain’t a wifebeater. (Photos by Angela Weiss)

    Dennis Rodman kept his 50th birthday celebration going last night in the Dennis Rodmaniest way possible: In women’s clothing.

    Rodman started out at Sugar Factory with his crew, even handing out boxes of his new WB brand of cigars to fans at the store, before going up to Chateau. He bounced between a pair of sport coats from the John Daly-endorsed Loudmouth and between the left and right boob of one chick in purple.

    He made it rain while he was dancing with the go-gos before settling into his cabana, which he eventually abandoned to go to Crazy Horse III. Where he drank Jager and made it rain again. It takes a strong man to make it rain at a strip club while also dressed like the strippers.


    Not pictured: Scotty Pippen working the lights. (Photos by Danny Mahoney)

    Dennis Rodman is now a 50-year-old man, which sounds ridiculous that anyone who recently was getting married to Carmen Electra and disturbing his neighbors with his boat is now that old. But there it is. Rodman was at XS last night to hear Diplo. And help out Diplo on the turntables. Which is only marginally less ridiculous than Diplo helping Rodman grab a few rebounds.


    Normally, the guy wearing a jock strap and one pant leg would be the weirdest one in the picture. (Photo by Matt Weiss)

    Former basketball great and full-time freak Dennis Rodman was at Mystere last night. Naturally, he tried to get the assistant company manager to agree to perform at Rodman’s Basketball Hall of Fame induction, should he be elected. We’re not sure Springfield could handle the combined surreality of Cirque and whatever weirdness Rodman might unleash during a potential acceptance speech.


    The lesson? It’s always cheaper just to buy a hooker. (Photo by Scott Harrison)

    According to TMZ, a federal judge ruled that Dennis Rodman will have to pay 28-year-old Sara Robinson $225,000 for slapping her on the butt and trying to force her to dance with him at the Hard Rock Hotel in 2006. In a related story, we’ll be putting on a wig and lipstick like Bugs Bunny trying to trick Elmer Fudd the next time Dennis Rodman is in town. No, we don’t have any pride. Why do you ask?