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    Artist’s interpretation. (With apologies to Erik Kabik)

    How’d it get burned? Pyromania.

    Yes, Nic Cage went to The Joint last night to check out Viva Hysteria, which on the Nic Cage Scale of Weirdness is just like a one. We’re waiting to find out if he tried to buy the remains of Steve Clark and put them in a sarcophagus.


    While inspirational, it’s important to remember Rick Allen’s drum kit was still used in the recording of “Rocket.” (Photo by Erik Kabik)

    The long-awaited (by people tired of going to the state fair) Def Leppard residency takes off tonight at The Joint ($49.50, 8 p.m.), where you can see all of Hysteria in its entirety, assuming you were nowhere near a radio in 1988 and haven’t had the whole album ruined for life through toxic levels of overexposure. (more…)


    Hmm. We begin to see the appeal of brewing one’s own beer. (Photo by Jimmy Atoa)

    Frank Thomas was over at Meatball Spot last night to push his Big Hurt Beer (The taste of White Sox MVP, now in a bottle!) along with a passel of models, which is apparently a thing you get to do when you’re both a brewer and a career .301 hitter with 521 home runs. You get to spend the year before you’re a first-ballot Hall of Famer just kicking around with beer and girls. God, we knew we should’ve learned how to hit better than our patented “dive out of the batter’s box in terror” move in Little League.

    Meanwhile, Rich Schroeder went with his wife, Andrea, to see Donny & Marie last night. He did not ride an adorable scale train to get there. At the Hard Rock, Mayor Carolyn Goodman continued in her husband’s footsteps by issuing weird proclamation after weird proclamation, naming today Def Leppard Day in Las Vegas. We assume that means you’ll be able to pick up a free copy of High ‘n’ Dry at City Hall.


    What at The Joint will have nine arms and suck?

    The Joint is keeping the aging rocker demographic on lockdown.

    Following on the heels of its Motley Crue and Guns ‘n’ Roses residencies, now The Joint is going to bring Def Leppard in for the Viva Hysteria residency March 22-April 10, just a scant 26 years after you couldn’t escape it for five goddamn minutes on any radio station or MTV.

    It’s a good fit for Vegas, though, considering the natural pairing of “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and strip clubs.

    The encore of the show will hit on the rest of Def Lep’s back catalog — so, a nod to “Photograph” maybe, though we’re holding out hope for a clunky CGI take on “Let’s Get Rocked.”

    Tickets start at $49.50 and go on sale Nov. 16.