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    You can tell conflict because lightning bolt.

    Here’s the backstory: Krewella started as a DJ trio: Sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, and Kristopher Trindl, who was dating Jahan at the time they formed. The sisters booted Trindl from the band this year, and he’s suing them for $5 million. They say he has a drug and booze problem; he says they claimed he was too much of a bummer after going to rehab. At the time, Deadmau5 put them on blast for booting the “one talented member” of the band. Got it? Great.

    Jahan just did an op-ed in Billboard wherein she said, “I am asking for everyone to think about girls who are looking at this public reaction who might now be discouraged to pursue an authentic place in a male-dominated industry. … There is still a stigma associated with being a woman: that I am a conspiring and manipulative free-loader who doesn’t work as hard or is as talented as a man- and that I use sex to advance my career. The pressure not to confirm stereotypes can affect a women’s performance and her ability to succeed. The fear of being doubted, questioned and shamed, and battling derogatory assumptions about one’s character, is a contingency that may very well be the reason we don’t see more women with higher, powerful positions in the workforce.” (more…)


    Dammit, Paris. Get off Deadmau5′s lawn, already. (Photos by Al Powers)

    Deadmau5, it turns out, is not a fan of DJ Paris Hilton.

    Training the full power of his fully armed and operational battle station on the lowest of low-hanging fruit, the ‘Mau5 dropped all sorts of truth-bombs about Paris for collecting check after check at her DJ gigs. First, though, he starts out nice and slow.

    I remember back when, at the cosmo in vegas, she attended, and i guess i was accommodating (as far as that usually goes for me) i could see she was having a fun time, liked the music, and just wanted to be a part of it all… so of course, why not… even i couldn’t hate on that.

    But the rest of it, he could totally hate on. Comparing Paris’ DJ tourism to his budding interest in Formula One, Deadmau5 says:

    so maybe youll catch me performing in the snake pit, atrtending a professional track event, or even having some friendly fun with some legit drivers in a non competitive track setting… but i 10000% never in a million years wouldnt have the balls to encroach on their scene, and consider myself a professional.. enter their marketplace, and profit.

    thats just insulting as fuck.

    so paris, thank you… were actually not even mad youre enthusiatic about electronic music… we love that youre a part of our party. But please, get the fuck back in your go kart. No need to prove that you found someone stupid enough to consider paying you a million dollars for something the world knows you arent… because here’s what you actually are to everyone who knows better.. ticket sales. nothing more.

    Next up, Deadmau5 pens a sarcasm-laden poison pen missive to ebola. (Ebola is actually a more accomplished DJ at this point.) (more…)


    Miranda Lambert, pictured here with Blake Shelton

    The Fred Astaire-and-Ginger Rogers-without-all-that-grace-and-sophistication of country music, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, would like you to know that they’re not shooting down any million dollar offers at the moment. So if you have a million dollars and a venue, please by all means keep pitching them.

    After rumors that the country duo turned down a seven fig offer from Caesars to the country duo to fill vacant Celine dates, AEG issued a flat denial that it ever happened.

    Our offer to put on a cowboy hat and vest on stage for like 80 bucks still stands. We’ll take casino credit. (more…)


    Huh-hah! (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

    Deadmau5 wants to copyright his mau5head for scientific apparatus, among other things. (Proof of the Higgs-Boson brought to you by “Ghosts N Stuff!”) His copyright case is getting the stinkeye from Disney, whose Happiest Lawyers on Earth note a striking similarity between the mau5 and The Mouse. Seriously though, is Disney even trying to corner the leather goods, staple foods and BMX markets? Presumably all at once with Deadmau5′s edible Huffy, with throwback leather football helmet.

    Sometimes “prank” means “thing you do to give your poor, gullible mother a heart attack.” Because hilarity. MGM Grand put together a string of April Fool’s mock weddings at the Forever Grand Wedding Chapel. After getting fake-married, they posted the pics to Facebook and Twitter in order to freak out their closest friends and relatives. Joke’s on you, MGM: They were only in it for the free cake the whole time.

    The part of that S.K.A.M. Artist party on Monday that didn’t go all to hell drew in a strong Marquee crowd that saw 40 or so DJs doing 15-30 minute sets in the Boom Box Room and Library–perfect for the attention deficit-afflicted EDM lover. Samantha Ronson had a turn, which just made us miss the old LiLo days. The afterparty at Crazy Horse III was headlined by DJ Skratchy and Aussie model/DJ Brooke Evers.


    Nobody expects the Deadmau5 drop-in set. His chief weapon is surprise. (Photos by Danny Mahoney)

    That whole Deadmau5-leaving-Hakkasan thing? Looks like the Mau5 himself is confirming it with a legit surprise set at XS Friday night.

    While in town to play at a private function he stopped by Wynn to catch up with longtime friend and XS and Tryst managing partner Jesse Waits. Over dinner at Andrea’s, Zimmerman joked with Waits that he should book him to return to XS that evening. Waits saidd that while he would love to host the Mau5, he couldn’t pay him.

    As rumors indicated that he and Hakkasan mutually dissolved his contract–one that reportedly made him the highest paid DJ per show in Vegas, it’s not about the money for Zimmerman. True to that notion, he told Waits that he would play at XS for free. So after finishing their meal the pair walked in XS at 11 p.m. and Zimmerman hit the decks shortly thereafter to play a full, two-hour “warm-up” set for Wolfgang Gartner.

    Word of the impromptu performance quickly spread by social media and the club was quickly at capacity–something that few venues manage to do during the typically slower pre-Thanksgiving period. As for the set, multiple sources said it was upbeat, high energy and true to Zimmerman’s style and “one for the record books”–a sentiment shared by the surprised Gartner when he made his way to the booth to find his unexpected opener.

    Mau5_h3 Mau5_h2 Mau5_h1


    You won’t have Deadmau6 to tweet around anymore. (Photos by Al Powers)

    Deadmau5, who held one of the few genuinely interesting DJ Twitter accounts, has shut the feed down, after naming a new track “Ira” by enraged Ira Glass fans. Wait, no, it was people mad about the IRA. In a statement, the Mau5 said:

    I’m no longer going to be managing my own twitter account for “deadmau5”. I’m going to let management deal with that account. My reasons are my own, not because of something i said, not because of this hilarious I.R.A. vs “ira” craic, not because of lady gaga’s infinite legions of brain dead fans. but as i said… reasons of my own.

    You see what you did, people? This is why we can’t have nice things.


    Sometimes, you’ve just got to hear some Jovi. (Photos by Danny Mahoney)

    Don Johnson: Extravagant clubber. Bon Jovi cohort.

    Deadmau5: If the Internet came to life and learned to DJ.

    XS: Place that manages to teleport the money directly out of your pocket in exchange for vodka.

    “Livin’ on a Prayer”: The Bon Jovi song that’s still inescapable 30 years after it was released, but costs $200,000 to hear at the latter.

    In what might be our favorite lawsuit of the last year (sorry, A-Rod vs. MLB), William Morris Endeavor (the agency that represents Deadmau5) and XS honcho Jesse Waits are embroiled in a lawsuit over Johnson offering Deadmau5 $200,000 to fire up “Livin’ on a Prayer” in February 2011. Thus:

    On the night in question, Waits introduced Johnson to Deadmau5′s agent, Joel Zimmerman, whereupon Johnson made the $200,000 offer. (Bad call. Everyone knows the only song worth $200,000 in the Bon Jovi oeuvre is “Blaze of Glory.”) Waits vouched that Johnson was good for the money, and that’s how you end up with Deadmau5 grooving to New Jersey’s finest.

    When it came time to pony up, though, Waits and Zimmerman allegedly approached Johnson at a blackjack table, but the Champagne King got hot and refused to pony up. So instead of everyone agreeing this was a ridiculous circumstance to be in over a fucking Bon Jovi song, the parties involved went in the exact opposite direction. Zimmerman was afraid to piss off Deadmau5, so Waits kicked in $50,000 and William Morris $150,000 and every classic rock DJ in America who plays “Livin’ on a Prayer” six times a day all had a heart attack at the same time.

    Then Waits sued Zimmerman in June for failure to repay a $50,000 loan, and the agency fired back a counterclaim for its cash, and Waits then got in there with a motion to dismiss. Long story short, there’s supposedly a tentative settlement on the table that should be finalized before October 17. In the meantime, we suggest you keep your six-figure hair metal requests strictly to Def Leppard, Ratt or Motley Crue (ballads only).


    First the Goretorium, then no Deadmau5 on Halloween? What’s going on here? (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

    When Labor Day Weekend rolled around and Deadmau5–who’s supposed to have a two-year deal with Hakkansan–wasn’t part of it, it was somewhat eyebrow-raising. Now the club (which from the get-go made sure to announce that the Deadmau5 deal wasn’t a residency) has put out its Halloween lineup with nary a Mau5 to be found. This, after he spent the last two Halloween weekends with big-ticket weekends at XS.

    In a brief statement, Hakkasan said, “Due to studio, performance commitments and date conflicts we were unable to schedule a date for Deadmau5 over Labor Day. We currently do not have any further dates scheduled.”

    Indeed, the only dates listed on Deadmau5′s website for the rest of the year are shows October 12 in Mexico City, November 3 in Los Angeles and December 27 in Dallas. What’s not clear right now is whether this is a permanent split, as rumors have suggested, or if at some point he’ll be back to do however many shows he might be obligated to perform during the remainder of his deal. Reps from Hakkasan and Deadmau5 have thus far declined requests for comment.


    The formerly happy couple. (Photos by Danny Mahoney)

    The good news is, you won’t need to get that tuexedo/wet suit for the Kat Von D/Deadmau5 underwater Cthulu-themed wedding anymore. The bad news is things took a turn for the couple, and now there’s not going to be any wedding at all, Cthulu-ified or otherwise.

    Oh love in the age of social media. Let’s roll the tape:

    Man, I'm a fool.

    — Kat Von D (@thekatvond) June 26, 2013

    Cheating on your loved one is the most hurtful thing one could do. I hate to have to admit, that this relationship is indeed over.

    — Kat Von D (@thekatvond) June 26, 2013

    Ooh. Well that sounds nasty. Your rebuttal, Deadmau5′ Facebook Page?

    All i am saying on the matter:

    Kat and I split in November and I moved back home to Toronto. During this time, while we were broken up, I did have relations with another woman. Following that, Kat and I reconciled and I acknowledged being intimate with another person while we were estranged.

    We did move past those issues and I proposed to Kat in mid- December. At the end of June, it was clear that the relationship was not working and we mutually ended the engagement. I was not, at any point, unfaithful to Kat during our time together.

    I don’t wish to go tit for tat with these kinds of pronouncements and don’t expect to comment further, but I do believe that those who have expressed concern deserve a more complete understanding of what transpired.

    Hey, here’s an idea for Kat Von D: Stop dating dudes who really enjoy banging other women, if fidelity is your thing. Because your track record in this particular arena isn’t exactly stellar.


    Gotta get the whole outdoors-with-the-head-on thing in while it’s merely in the 90s. (Photos by Al Powers)

    Oh, hello there, pool season. We didn’t see you come back. At least these swimmies we wear everywhere make a lot more sense this time of year.

    Over at Wet Republic, Deadmau5 came in to get the ball rolling for a daytime edition of Unhooked for the final day of their grand opening weekend. He came on around 3 p.m., and dutifully rocked the mau5head despite the fact that it was getting progressively hotter all day. That guy is going to set records as the first EDM artist to pass out mid-set from heatstroke.

    Deadwet_h1 deadwet_h2