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    What huge … cupcakes she has.

    Peepshow marked its four-year anniversary on Friday, with Coco, Josh Strickland and Cheaza rocking blue cupcakes to celebrate. We’re kind of surprised the show lasted this long, really. It was a bit of a mess when it bowed with Kelly Monaco and Mel B, all the way through it’s bizarre Aubrey O’Day era. But apparently a little Holly goes a long way, and Coco just coincidentally stirring up a scandal right when her turn started didn’t hurt either.


    Little Bo Peep lost her sheep, but found a giant, glittery bra.

    Coco did her birthday party Sunday night at Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR with Ice-T leading a crew of 20–including Peepshow– people in singing “Happy Birthday.” Except that right now, there are more rumors of Coco cheating on Ice floating out there, this time from Bossip. The site claims Coco has been spending time with a promoter. We can’t decide if that’s a step up or a lateral move from a rapper no one’s heard of.


    Little Bo Peep lost her sheep, but found a giant, glittery bra.

    Peepshow is sticking with Coco–at least for another four months.

    Mrs. Ice-T just signed an extension to keep her with the Planet Hollywood cheesecake show through July 28. Which is fine for the show, but ultimately a disappointment for us. We were all primed that the Coco reign would continue to be marred with all kinds of fun scandals after she was caught cozying up to a dude who wasn’t Ice-T back in December, less than a week after her first show. And then she missed a weekend of performances after the dust-up.

    Since then, though, it’s just been boring-ass business as usual. Maybe we should send Photoshopped pictures of Ice getting it on with Kim Kardashian to Coco’s dressing room, just to see if we can get some shit started here.


    That bra has to be steel-reinforced.

    Coco made her official debut at Peepshow Monday night, with creator Jerry Mitchell bringing out a bouquet of roses before she went backstage to sip from a champagne fountain. We’re not sure if it was Ice-T or AP.9 who got to chill back there with Josh Strickland and Cheaza.


    Vegas will have that effect.(Photos by Erik Kabik)

    Coco just got here and already she’s having a dust-up with Ice T over some pictures she took with who-the-hell-is-that rapper AP.9.

    The snaps went up on Instagram, Ice saw them and flipped. In since-deleted tweets, he said, “Don’t get it twisted… I’m not happy about this shit.” Coco pulled the pics and apologized. We’re like eight days away from a drunken Ice standing up in the middle of a Peepshow performance, bottle of Jack in hand and ranting at Coco from the audience. This whole thing is gonna be awesome


    Also known as “The place where the magic happens.” (Via @Cocosworld)

    Coco made her Peepshow debut last night, ushering in a new era of subtlety and nuance into the Bo Peep role in the production. LOL J/K. It’s a new era of huge boobs. Which is more or less in line with the old era.

    Serious question though: Does this mean they are going to replace one of their numbers with “O.G.“? They pretty much have to, right? As long as they don’t take Ginuwine out of the show. They can pry “Pony” from our cold, dead hands.


    Peep, peep. (Photos by Erik Kabik)

    America’s sweetheart, Coco, is your new replacement Holly Madison. With Holly ending her run in Peepshow Oct. 21, the production decided, “You know what? We’ve done alright by employing a girl with huge cans who wasn’t known for singing. Let’s get someone with even bigger cans to really let the world know where we stand.”

    Ice-T’s wife will join the show starting Dec. 3, with the show trotting out an ensemble cast in the gap. But really, no one has summed up this budding development quite like BASE Entertainment CEO Scott Zeiger, who said, “Coco is going to add an entirely new dimension to Peepshow.” Yes. About 600 cubic centimeters.


    One of our nation’s greatest rappers, now reduced to just Coco’s pet. (Photos by Erik Kabik)

    Oh hey, we almost forgot: Coco’s boobs were in town Saturday night, too. She was in town to hit up LAX with sister Kristy Williams and arm candy Ice-T. At least they’re not going everywhere dressed in complementing outfits anymore. You’ve got to earn that street cred back slowly, or else no one will take you seriously.