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    Welcome back, Halloween. We missed you so much. (Photo by Toby Acuna | SPYONvegas.com)

    The canary in your Halloween coal mine: Chateau, which is doing its industry Halloween tonight instead of waiting until Friday. Take THAT, clubs where people aren’t going to dressed up and all the girls will dial it up from “cleavagey” to “improbably celeavagey.” Seriously, Halloween is the best. (more…)


    There is zero chance he has any idea what more than like three of those knobs do. (Photo by David Becker)

    There we go. We’ve finally entered the era of Shaquille O’Neal: nightclub DJ. Don’t you feel different? Better? Of course you do.

    Shaq hit the decks at Chateau Friday night around 1 a.m. to do his debut set. He also said he’d love to do a residency at in town, and knowing how readily clubs hand those things out, we have no reason to think he won’t get his chance. He also threw beach balls into the crowd, which really seems like a missed opportunity. Though, then again, standing perfectly still and trying to arc a basketball at a specific target was never Shaq’s strong suit, anyway. (more…)


    He’s so going to out-rebound Afrojack. (Photos by Toby Acuna | SPYONvegas.com)

    The NBA Summer League doesn’t start until July 11, but why wait that long to get your fill of basketball players roaming the streets unshackled from history by the hubris of man? (Wait, we could possibly be thinking of Jurrasic Park again.) Or in this case, they’ll be roaming the pools and clubs. Look, it’s bad enough that DJs are going to be able to simulcast their sets, but now they’re outsourcing their work to ex-NBA centers.

    Yep. Shaq is going to DJ. Which is perfectly in line with his history of being unafraid to trend-hop onto projects for which he’s not qualified, we guess. He’s doing a stint at Chateau June 27. And after that, he’s hosting at Palazzo’s Azure pool June 29. Basically what we’re saying is Shaq’s agent is doing great work to get all this lined up.

    Angelil Stepping Down

    Celine Dion’s husband-manager Rene Angelil is giving up one of those titles. Angelil, following his battle with throat cancer, is ceding the manager gig to Aldo Giampaolo, who used to head Cirque’s business unit.

    Drai’s After Hours Set for Return

    The last cog in the Drai’s nightlife machine is falling into place in time for EDC week. Drai’s After Hours will be the official after hours venue for the festival starting June 19, with Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin and Kill Frenzy. They’re following that up in the old basement location with Dubfire and Nicole Moudaber (June 20), The Martinez Brothers (June 21) and Chris Garcia and Erik Hagleton (June 22). It all gets going at midnight and runs until 8 a.m. Just two hours before Drai’s Beach Club gets rolling. So, 22 hour party people are in effect.


    Hanging out with Dave Navarro isn’t grounds for a lawsuit. Yet. (Photo by Erik Kabik)

    DJ Pauly D mentor DJ Skribble has been embroiled in a lawsuit with Chateau after he says the club booted him from his $3,500-per-gig one-yeaar deal–and said he was only fit to play “in the bathroom.” (Incidentally, San Gennaro this weekend had multiple DJs spinning at food stands and booths. Bathroom DJ isn’t too far off, really.)

    Now the club is trying to get the suit dumped, saying the whole bathroom thing was just one guy’s opinion. It’s the Lebowski defense. Incidentally, when we talked to Skribble in ’10, he said, “You’re not going to go start playing obscure dubstep, hardcore electro. We are in Vegas.” So … bad call on that, we guess. (more…)


    At least we know there was no way Michael Crabtree was sneaking in.

    The Legion of Boom (which didn’t even bother to invite Lex Luthor or Solomon Grundy in the world’s biggest bullshit move) partied it up to celebrate the Seahawks’ Super Bowl win this weekend, starting Friday night at Marquee when Richard Sherman got down with Kam Chancellor and other members of the Seahawks, Patriots and 49ers. (No Broncos allowed, apparently?)

    During the day on Saturday, Sherman and company were at Lavo Brunch before ending the night at Chateau.

    Sherman_h1 Sherman_h3 Sherman_h2


    She’s hoping to be the first centerfold making duckface in the pages of Playboy. (Photos by David Becker)

    Former Hugh Hefner plaything Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett did her 28th birthday at Chateau Saturday night, along with brother Colin. She cashed in the requisite cake and confetti before jumping on mic to address the crowd. What we’re not sure of is how Kendra is still only 28. She just feels like one of those constants in life, like the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower and Justin Bieber. You know, things that have been around forever or at least feel like they have.

    Kendra_v1 Kendra_v2 Kendra_v3


    Seriously, pal. You’ll burn out if you don’t take a breather. (Photos by Bryan Steffy)

    Jeremih hit the Chateau rooftop on Saturday night for a 2 a.m. show where he did “Down on Me” and “Birthday Sex,” which is just a tremendous amount of mileage for a song about annual humping. On the one hand, it’s always someone’s birthday. On the other, it doesn’t really resonate with the uplifting, universal message of say, “Humping Around.” You know, as songs about humping go.

    Jeremih also shouted out Lil Wayne, who may or may not be dying, before doing “All the Time.”

    By 3:30 a.m., CeeLo Green turned up to grab a table next to Jeremih, where their two groups started mingling. They left by 5, to the strains of “Easy.” Nothing like a little Lionel Richie to really put the dagger in a party.


    Someone needs to stage a velour intervention. (Photos by David Becker)

    CeeLo celebrated the debut of Loberace last night by popping over to Chateau around 2 a.m. rocking another velour tracksuit with hoodie, which is apparently the only thing he wears when he’s not in full-on goofy costume regalia on stage.

    He was joined by fellow Voice judge Christina Aguilera and Big Gipp of the Goodie Mob. We’re not sure why Adam Levine wasn’t invited, but we’re nigh-positive it had something to do with him foisting “Moves Like Jagger” on an unsuspecting world.


    NOW where’s Rodman supposed to go to dance in a blouse? (Photos by Angela Weiss)

    Well, we guess this means Chateau’s not closing after all.

    Despite persistent rumors that the Paris Las Vegas club would become the most recent casualty of the nightlife grind, it looks like AMG — proprietors of Pure and the upcoming Hakkasan, as well as other venues around town and in Atlantic City and the Bahamas — will step in to take over management including “operations and future redevelopment plans.”

    Whether that means a whole-scale rebranding or else just some tweaking remains to be seen, but our money is on the former. Chateau, like Sugar Factory right below it, had been operated by a group of investors that had sold Gallery to Block16 Hospitality in May.


    Ain’t no party like a birthday party ‘cuz a birthday party won’t stop. Literally. (Photo by Denise Truscello)

    Friday Night Lights’ Aimee Teegarden is still celebrating her birthday, even though it was Oct. 10. Not that she’s dragging it out or anything. Because we’re looking forward to our own personal February Christmas. Teegarden started Saturday night at Meatball Spot before going over to Chateau to collect obligatory cake. Pretty soon it’ll be time for her to have some birthday turkey and stuffing, followed in five weeks by going out for birthday fireworks, champagne and party hats. We’re kind of on board with the Perpetual Birthday Machine.