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    Bobby Elvis’ beard is so … kempt.

    Charlie Hunnam was at Hyde Saturday to celebrate the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy, with only two episodes left this season. He brought along Dayton Callie, the we-can’t-believe-he’s-not-dead-yet Wayne Unser, and Mark Boone Jr., who plays Bobby Elvis. And in an inspired move, Hyde dressed up its servers in black leather. Clearly, we need Sons of Anarchy night every night.


    Charlie Hunnam needed a couple months off from scruffy Jax hair. (Photos by David Becker)

    We’re reasonably certain that Charlie Hunnam’s arrival at Chateau Friday night means he was delivering a stockpile of IRA-supplied automatic weapons to the club. Did anyone check to see if he drove a septic tanker to the Paris valet?

    Hunnam hosted while T-Pain was there (tragically sans top hat) to do “Buy you a Drank” and “Hey Baby.” Hunnam turned up with just a group of three, including Ross McCall of Band of Brothers.

    Naturally, all of this included a stop at Sugar Factory, where T-Pain was overheard freestyling about lollipops to the tune of “Black and Yellow” (no, we’re not making that up). Dining at the restaurant was Debby Ryan of the Disney Channel’s Suite Life on Deck, who was celebrating her 18th birthday with her mother and two friends.