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    Your move, Flavor Flav.

    You may as well go out tonight, because we all know no one’s getting anything done at work tomorrow. The day before a holiday may as well involved a substitute teacher running your office. We all know what’s going down. All you have to do is show up, make it to lunch, hang on tight and within an hour, the office exodus will begin. This makes it an ideal time to show up hungover. Get on that tonight at the Bunkhouse, where Qbert is spinning. (9 p.m., $13-$16). Come on. You got this. As long as you can sort of put on pants and drive to the office, you’ll be fine. (more…)


    Dammit Don, don’t jump. You’ve got to keep boozing and smoking, for all of us.

    Tonight at the Bunkhouse, it’s RJD2, the Lucasfilm copyright-flaunting producer who gave us “A Beautiful Mine,” better known as the theme to Mad Men (7 p.m., $15-$20). (Which itself is better known as The Show That’s Better than Breaking Bad No Matter How Many Heisenberg T-Shirts You Own.) That’s good enough reason to get out there. Although Christina Hendricks won’t be there. Which means we can’t take our time off from a busy schedule of looking at pictures of Christina Hendricks to go. (more…)


    What if your family don’t like bread? They like … cigarettes?

    Fat Tony is at The Bunkhouse tonight (7 p.m., $8-$10), and imagine our surprise when it wasn’t, as it turns out, a Joe Mantegna-voiced cartoon mobster. Suppose we’ll have to settle for the Houston rapper who’s there instead. Which probably means we won’t ever find out if his wife was really whacked by natural causes. (more…)



    Our favorite person in dance music, Fatboy Slim, continues to do things to remain our favorite person in dance music.

    He’s already on record as hating Dutch DJs and not being a fan of pneumatic tits, but now he told Simon Cowell to fuck off when he wanted to launch a “DJ Idol” type show, but he also distilled the essence of what makes the evolution of any subgenre perfect:

    “That’s the good thing about dance music; it grows organically through drunk people late at night coming up with stupid ideas. It’s not something that can be scripted or transported into a TV studio.”

    Never stop being cantankerous, Fatboy Slim.

    Renovated Bunkhouse Teases Lineup

    The ol’ Bunkhouse is finally coming back August 25, and it is bringing the alt-rock thunder. On September 15, The Breeders will cannonball into the revamped spot and Bob Mould, late of Husker Du and Sugar, rolls solo September 30. And if you didn’t immediately start humming “If I Can’t Change Your Mind” then you didn’t watch nearly enough 120 Minutes in the ’90s. Also, RJD2 comes by on November 21. On his “The Dude Who Did the Mad Men Theme” world tour.

    John Wall Hates Tipping

    Wizards point guard John Wall stiffed a limo driver twice yesterday, and the shadowy voice of the local hack industry, LVCabChronicles, put him on blast for it. You should absolute go read the whole string, but basically a driver got Wall at the airport and brought him to Aria. He stiffs the driver, but has the gall to call her and ask her to go to the airport and pick up something he left at the counter. She makes the run, and he stiffs her again. The coup de grace? “…so reluctantly the driver returns to airport to grab his shit and when she returns it to @John_Wall he stiffs her again! What a douche.”



    The Bunkhouse, easily one of Downtown’s most underrated bars is going to have some down time as the Downtown Project takes over the space.

    The venerable institution will shutter at the end of the month for renovations before reopening in September. The last two shows of the summer will be June 28 and 29, with lineups still to be announced.

    Whatever they do with the remodel, they’d better not do away with the awesome curved bartop fronting the raised seating area. The questionable overstuffed chairs, on the other hand …


    See no evil, point no evil, pee no evil?

    A leaner, meaner Neon Reverb returns tonight, starting at The Bunkhouse with Savannah, Ga.’s Cusses, along with Silver Snakes, Fredward, The Marquees and Red Abbey. Is there any more Southern word than “Cuss,” by the way? Well, other than “Dale,” we mean. (more…)


    We love that movie, The Thrashin’ of the Christ.

    Thrash is, objectively, the greatest type of metal. That’s not us saying that; that’s science. You wouldn’t argue with science, would you? Of course not. How do we know this? Because D.R.I. can come into the Bunkhouse tonight and headline a show billed as Thrashgiving. Q.E.D. (more…)


    A division of the Shinehardt Wig Company.

    Neon Reverb, the other music festival going on this weekend (because for some reason we’re just going to double up on music festivals despite the fact that we only have like three a year) has its wrap party tonight at The Bunkhouse. On deck for the 8 p.m. tilt are The Back Pockets, The Dewane Bros. and Hungry Cloud. Which, in America’s fervor for all things Hungry, is expected to make at least $15 million on Sunday in and of itself. (more…)


    Mama said yes, papa said no.

    Good night to be a Stones fan in town. Over at the Hilton, tribute act Rolling the Stones has the stage there. The really cool gig, though, comes at The Bunkhouse where bunches of local bands are getting together to channel their inner Mick ‘n’ Keef for Exile on Fremont Street. Dude City, Same Sex Mary, Quint & The Cowpunk Calamity, Wyatt McKenzie, Zach Ryan, Chandelle, Vitamin Overdose, The Seams and Keith’s Teeth go to town on the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band. Fire the fuckin’ feed. (more…)