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    Please tell us Cannibal Top is one of the fill-in guests. (Photo by Hew Burney | SpyOnVegas)

    Criss Angel isn’t going to be able to do his regular Believe show in February and March thanks to shoulder surgery, so he’s lining up substitute teachers to keep things moving. Please try not to spend the whole time trying to convince the fill-in magicians you’re really Danish exchange student Magnus Jorgensen and that Mr. Angel said it’s OK for you to sit in the back of the classroom doodling the Iron Maiden logo on your math book.

    The fill-in show will be called MagicJam–just like Space Jam, but with marginally less basketball. It will spotlight castmembers from his Spike TV show, like Krustun Lambert, Nathan Burton and Banachek. Plus it will feature Jason Byrne, Tony Clarke (not the first baseman), Russ Merlin and Armando Vera. Angel himself will host and do a few illusions. (Because tricks are what a whore does for money.) Tickets run $50 to $130.


    The lactose intolerant are advised to not even look at this much cheese.

    We just can’t get enough Hoff, and The Hoff is happy to oblige.

    David Hasselhoff was at Believe Wednesday night with girlfriend Hayley Roberts and friends. After the show, The Hoff went backstage to meet with Angel, where they talked about his new site and some shows Hasselhoff is going to do in town in mid-August. And, presumably, what life is like as a living punchline.

    Also at the show, Roberto Duran. Somehow, he didn’t say no mas before the third act.


    Dr. Huxtable is very concerned. (Photo by Matt Weis)

    Fresh off her NAACP Image Award win for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series late last month, Keshia Knight Pulliam was in town to celebrate both that and boyfriend Kaseem Penn’s 31st birthday and no matter how many times we type that it’s still going to be deeply disturbing to think of Rudy having a boyfriend. The House of Payne star went to see Believe at the Luxor last night, getting a shout-out from Criss Angel and a round of applause from an audience that hoped if they clapped long enough Denise and Sondra would come out too.

    Over at Tao, Justin Timberlake kept his 901 Tequila celebration for the Nightclub & Bar Convention’s DJ Spin Off with the Crystal Method and Kid Capri. They had a tough crowd, though. Not only did they have to keep Timberlake happy, but they also had to perform under the withering gaze of DJ Pauly D. Venus Williams hit up Tao after spending time earlier in the night at Lavo with sister Serena where Asher Roth was checking out his DJ Wreckineyez on the decks for Label Junkie.

    UPDATE: According to a site (that isn’t loading right now) called Flynet Online, JT brought back a couple of Tao go-gos to his suite.


    Everybody wants some … magic. (Photo by Tom Rutan. Additional photos by Ana Dobrijevic)

    Eddie Van Halen spent his Friday night NOT rocking out with a surprise concert somewhere, which is an absolute tragedy. He should be required, by law, to make at least one surprise appearance per weekend at some little divebar in whatever city he happens to be in at the time. But instead, he went to see Believe at Luxor. That’s time that could’ve been much better spent playing “Running with the Devil” at like the Cheyenne Saloon or something.

    Meanwhile, fashion designer Betsey Johnson was at Love Friday, dancing in the aisles to Beatles songs. When she went backstage, she stopped by the wardrobe department, snagged some fabrics from the costume shop and said the show inspired her next collection. Great. The next big thing in fashion is going to be running around with no shirt and painted up in spots. Can we wait for the summer line for that?

    Johnson Johnson2 Johnson3


    Armband tat, huh? Nice. (Photo by Denise Truscello)

    Teri Polo, of Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers took the time out of cavorting with Ben Stiller (delightfully awkward as always) to celebrate her 40th birthday in town. She started out Friday night with a showing of Believe at Luxor with her boyfriend and babydaddy along with two other couples.

    She had dinner at Strip House inside Planet Hollywood Resort Saturday night before hosting at Prive. Oh, if only Bobby DeNiro had been there to glower disapprovingly. Well. Soon enough. You can only churn out so many Righteous Kills before you slip back into the warm and welcoming arms of another cash-in sequel.


    Yes, it’s awkward that he wears this everywhere, but, it’s a little more convenient than the Gumby suit.

    Eddie Murphy turned up at Believe at Luxor last night with a girl believed to be his new girlfriend. They came into the show sucking on giant lollipops, and no, that’s not even a euphemism for anything. It’s only a few days after babymama Mel B’s birthday, but we don’t know if he got her anything. Like some actual set memorabilia from Boomerang. We hear that stuff if pretty valuable on eBay.


    Is the name some a vague hint that they’re the precursor to Cougar Girls? (Photo by Omar Williams | Cashman Photography)

    A pair of Disney’s Cheetah Girls, Kiely Williams and Sabrina Bryan were at Believe at the Luxor last night with a group of girlfriends and Williams’ boyfriend. Which is conclusive proof that Disney hates its stars. The girls drank decidedly un-Disneylike vodka and sodas. They did, though, oblige a teenage fan who asked for a photo together. The fan was then beset upon by dancing, people-eating rabbits from the show. That’ll happen when the rabbit handlers miss feeding time. It’s kind of a tragedy.


    Huh. We always saw Believe as more of a Peter Criss kind of show. (Photo by Roman Mendez)

    Gene Simmons was at the 9:30 p.m. performance of Believe at the Luxor last night. We’re going to go ahead and take that as prima facie evidence that he hates Perez Hilton and everything he stands for. Truth be told, a KISS show and Believe have lots in common. They both involve elaborate costumes and make-up, Paul Stanley and Criss Angel both have heavy New York-area accents, and they’re both boring as hell after the first 10 minutes.

    Joining Simmons were Luxor President Felix Rappaport, Luxor Senior V.P. Jean George, Radical Comics Publisher Barry Levine, Alan Levine, Radical Publishing’s Jesse Berger and Senior V.P. of MGM-Mirage Marketing Joe Fertitta. They all took part in the “Preminition” routine at the start of the show.

    If Simmons is hanging out with comic book guys, this could mean there’s a new line of KISS comics coming out. Hopefully, this time with even more blood in the ink.


    Frowny Perez is sad about Criss Angel. (Photo by Scott Harrison | Retna)

    Call it the Queen of All Media vs. the King of All Vests with No Shirt Underneath. Perez Hilton was in town to be a guest judge at Sunday’s Miss USA pageant, but he got the most out of his weekend. On Friday, Hilton had dinner at Cathouse, then took in a show of Believe. When technical difficulty stopped the show, Criss Angel paused to shout out Hilton, who had been Twittering how much he hated Believe.

    Angel called Hilton an “asshole” and a “the world’s No. 1 douchebag.” Hilton reportedly responded “Thanks for the free tickets.” Hilton was overheard telling the story at Blush inside Wynn Las Vegas later that night where he was laughing about it, probably because of the delightful pot and kettle ramifications. (Hilton also said Believe was racially offensive as well as bad. We’re surprised he didn’t say it would cause you to start hating puppies and want to set yourself on fire, too.)

    On Saturday, Hilton was at the opening of Tao Beach, where, when asked about the incident, he said Angel had a small penis. There’s only one way we can settle this for sure, kids. In a word: Octagon. Come on Dana White, make this happen. (more…)


    Other kid-friendly parts of the show? Angel getting his skin electrocuted off. (Photo by Omar Williams)

    Sugar Shane Mosley brought his three kids, Najee, Tai and Mee Mee, to Believe at the Luxor last night. The kids stood up and clapped, which kind of suggests which way the Cirque fixations should go. Maybe they’re just aiming this thing at the wrong audience. Instead of Criss Angel getting torn to pieces by evil rabbits in the first act (you know, for kids), maybe they should make it a little more youth-friendly. By having a Tickle Me Elmo get torn to pieces by evil rabbits in the first act.

    After the show, Mosley and Angel chatted about boxing while the kids got the Mindfreak’s autograph. Guess we know what they’ll be looking at with a mixture of curiosity and disdain as they’re cleaning out a closet when they hit 14.