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    Nice hat, Terminator.

    The Schwarzeneggers–at least the legitimate ones–did a Very Vegas New Year’s Eve, with Arnold bringing girlfriend Heather Milligan and son Patrick bringing girlfriend Miley Cyrus (closer in age to Milligan than Milligan is to pere Schwarzenegger) to Strip House for dinner, along with Sofia Vergara and fiance Joe Manganiello. Then they went to a meet-and-greet with Britney Spears before the show.

    So that’s how we’re doing 2015. With Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter hooking up with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter; Mario Cuomo’s son as the governor of New York again; George H.W. Bush’s other son considering a run for president. Nostalgia for the late ’80s crashing into nostalgia for the early ’90s. So we’re taking this all as a portent that at the very least, the new year will offer us fresh Darkwing Duck episodes and possibly a Gerardo reality show or something. We’d take that in a heartbeat.


    Later that night, Arnold made a fumbling, awkward pass at the cake.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger brought his son, Patrick, to his usual Vegas hangout–Strip House–for the latter’s 21st birthday. So you’re saying junior is all grown up? Why, they look like twins, if you went over a few of Arnold’s wrinkles with an eraser. … uhhh, kindergarten cop.

    Earlier, they went for the private bar treatment inside a Linq pod. Where they were pumping drinks instead of iron–FINE, we’ll stop. That was the last terrible pun about the action hero. Oh God! We’re in too deep! We can’t control it anymore. (more…)


    Can we just get down to the necessary business of making Predator 3 now?

    Because there doesn’t seem to be an Expendables movie filming right now, Arnold Schwarzenegger was free to spend his New Year’s Eve at Strip House inside Planet Hollywood before hanging out on property the rest of the night. God, after his whole lovechild disaster, we’d love to see the quality of women who now have a clear run at Arnold. He’s got to be beating off deuces and treys with a goddamn stick.


    Actually, this really looks like Running Man 2: Clown Chasin’ (Photo by Lauren Lubas)

    If there’s one thing Love didn’t have to worry about last night, it was Predators. Also? This guy.

    That’s because Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the house, checking out the 9:30 performance with a crew of six that did not include Skeletor. Earlier, he ate at Strip House.


    Even Sinatra wouldn’t wear a fedora to a pool. (Photo by Al Powers)

    Mark Salling of Glee (he plays the one who sings) was at Tao Beach Saturday and Sunday to mark the release of his solo album, Pipe Dreams along with co-star Chord Overstreet, which we believe is the name of the villain in one of the Dalton-era Bond movies.

    Saturday night at Tao the Glee kids were joined by Rumer Willis, but Salling should have stuck around for Sunday when Stevie Wonder came in for a midnight dinner with a group of eight. Stevie and his crew were freestyling to the music there, though it probably didn’t involve a highly choreographed dance routine. So Glee still has that.

    Meanwhile, Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had Planet Hollywood open up Strip House for lunch so he could come in and have a New York strip steak. He was in town for Tony Curtis’ funeral.