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    Pretty sure the friend on the right could play a showgirl and/or hooker (showhooker?) on Boardwalk Empire. (Photo by Brenton Ho)

    Ashley Tisdale, Sarah Hyland and friends were at Tao on Friday night to celebrate one pal’s birthday, while Aimee Teegarden from Friday Night Lights stopped by. It’s just like a modern-day, Hollywood Baby-sitter’s Club come to life. We assume. Actually, we have no idea. We never ready Baby-sitter’s Club and definitely not any Judy Blume books and there’s no way Then Again, Maybe I Won’t was in our book collection and WHY WERE YOU SUCH A TEASE, LISA HOOBER?


    Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul was with his fiancee, Laruen Parsekian and friends for dinner the same night. After dining, they went over to the Library at Marquee where they hung out with Mark Foster of Foster the People and, presumably, did meth delivered by Roomba. Sticking at Tao, Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones was there, as was Jason Kennedy of E! News and Ryan Basford of Chelsea Lately.


    He’s going to shoot Gus in the head before this is all said and done. Mark it.

    We’re pretty sure Jesse spent most of last night’s Breaking Bad Season 4 opened working himself into a healthy bloodlust. Lucky for the rest of us, Aaron Paul didn’t bring any hydroflouric acid with him to Tao Friday night, or shit might’ve gone down.

    Paul bounced from dinner at Tao over to Marquee to hang at the Library. while the Pawn Stars guys were downstairs in the Boom Box Room. Leona Lewis stayed on at Tao that night, then turned up at Nove for dinner the following evening.