Golf outing by day, country star by night. (Photo by Ed Graff)

The long and storied history of Rascal Flatts in Las Vegas is getting another chapter. Not content to stand pat after filming the “Why Wait” video at the Palms in 2010, the long con finally pays off in 2015 with a nine-show residency at The Joint. It marks the first Joint residency for a band that wasn’t stripping the denim jackets off groupies in the ’80s.

The residency kicks off February 25 and runs three shows a week for three weeks through March 14. Tickets start at $39.50 and go on sale on Friday. Country has done well in town, between the Garth Books and Faith Hill/Tim McGraw residencies, plus the ACM Awards (which this year is being held at Jerry Jones’ Yee-Haw Colisseum and RV Park in Dallas). Though we’re still holding out that they double up a couple shows a week with Gene and Paul for KISScal Flatts. (more…)


Needs more spikes. (Photos by Erik Kabik

The New Wave of British Heavy Metal just got all up in this piece. Judas Priest is doing the Pearl tonight, for all your vengeance-screaming needs (8 p.m., $60-$169). Steel Panther opens, which comes disturbingly close to recasting a Judas Priest tour in 2014 into the realm of outright parody. We’d worry about that if we weren’t too busy rocking out to “Electric Eye.” (more…)


Sure, but what was the fur-boot budget for this thing?

Beacon Economics, commissioned by Insomniac, found that this year’s iteration of Electric Daisy Carnival was worth $337.8 million to Clark County–a big ‘ol jump from last year’s $278 million. About $330 million of that was estimated to go to the local neon body-paint industry.

In 2011, the fest brought $136 million to the county and $207 million in 2012–all according to Beacon studies. It breaks down to $54.3 million in food and beverage, $30.2 million in lodging, $23.5 million in gaming, $13.2 million in retail, $18.6 million in transportation and $16.8 million in entertainment from the attendees, plus another $81.2 million in spending from Insomniac itself, excluding talent. All told, the tax coffers pulled a $19.9 million boost. So now don’t you feel bad about sneaking in sandwiches hidden behind your fairy wings instead of just buying a hot dog at the site. Thanks for nothing, freeloader. (more…)


Nick Carter seems the same, but Jordan Knight looks way different.

Worlds collide tonight at House of Blues as Nick Carter and Jordan Knight join forces (7:30 p.m., $40-$45). And why not? This is just a mini version of the NKOTBSB tour. What, are Nick and Jordan supposed to turn down all that money just because A.J. McLean and Dannny Wood won’t get on board? Of course not. There are goddamn bills to pay. (more…)


And not the cool kind, like you’d want.

The L.A. Clippers’ Blake Griffin apparently did enough at Tao last month to earn the wrath of the Clark County District Attorney, catching a charge of misdemeanor battery for allegedly smacking a guy taking pictures of the mayor of Lob City. Of course, TMZ suggests that surveillance footage shows Griffin in an argument, but that no slapping occurred on camera. Weird, right, that the surveillance footage a club would turn over wouldn’t include anything that would prove a wealthy, famous client committed a crime? Huh. Well, that sounds like it’s on the up-and-up. Case closed. (more…)


The rootin’-est, tootin’-est outlaws this side of Virginny.

Tonight at Light’s Blowout Wenesdays, the Stafford Brothers. Which we’ve never understood as an EDM name. That’s clearly a country act. Or a notorious outlaw duo who terrorized the railways of the Old West, but they weren’t even actually related. At the very least, they should’ve been some distant cousins on the Dukes of Hazzard. More distant than Coy and Vance, we mean. (more…)


iHeart Radio Festival 2013 is the working name for our new hockey team. It … could use some work.

The steady, low shck, shck of NHL rumors gliding over the ice of potential expansion is cranking into loose-puck-turnover gear of, uh, quick-wristed NHL executives? Waitaminute. We may have overextended on this metaphor.

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly has met with a potential ownership group, identified by the New York Post as a team of William Foley and the Maloof family. Plus, he’s been to tour the stadium site behind New York-New York and has deemed it … “nice.”

Take a big swig of the heady draught of relief, MGM.

The Maloof family–which has a firm no comment at this time–has all sorts of pro sports experience, what with owning the Sacramento Kings for years. And the good thing about owning a hockey team is you don’t have to watch Kobe come in a few times a season and lob airballs.

Daly acknowledged the reality of this being a weird market, noting: “Clearly we think for a Las Vegas market to support a professional sports franchise, you need the support of locals.”

Fair. Probably next to impossible when your team is on the Strip, but fair. He also said that the NHL would ask that the Las Vegas BadGamblingPuns’ games be taken off the board in local sportsbooks, just like with UNLV games initially. Though the Gaming Commission let UNLV and UNR go on the board around 10 years ago, when the Maloofs till had the Kings, NBA games weren’t available in the Palms sportsbook; and the Silverton doesn’t allow bets on the NHL as one owner has ties to the Los Angeles Kings.

Daly, though, thinks it’s a bad idea to have a fanbase concerned about the wagering outcome of the event they’re attending, apparently oblivious to how boxing and UFC work here or horse racing works in general. Sure wouldn’t want to generate any extra excitement or anything. It would make the Panthers look bad. He also said he talked with a bunch of industry folk to figure out when and how they could get any kind of local turnout:

“I got a variety of different responses,” Daly said. “The demographics of the market are pretty good in terms of average annual income. Las Vegas natives earn good salaries, good livings. I think they genuinely like sports. It’s a nighttime city, so it would have to be uniquely scheduled in terms of focusing maybe on industry nights as opposed to your typical Thursday-Saturday nights where everybody would be working.

A couple of suggestions: Monday Industry Night Games with ticket stubs good for one free drink at Hakkasan. Playoff games at 6 a.m. in June to capture the post-EDC crowd. Anytime Sunday, just to get humbled as a league when you realize the depressing majority of people would rather watch football in the sportsbook instead of going to a live game.


The gloves make it classy.

They gave up on Kardashian Khaos at The Mirage way too soon, apparently. Kim, with an assist from Paper magazine, has set out on a maniacal quest to break the internet. It seems to be working.

Her take-that-Coco, oiled-up-butt photo on the magazine’s cover had a certain Breakfast at Tiffany’s porno parody chic to it. But it was enough to make people stop writing thinkpieces about Too Many Cooks for half a damn minute, and launch some bona fide what-about-the-children pearl clutching from fellow celeb Naya Rivera. Though let’s not ignore a major component of the story: She did it for free. Which means that Kim was out there trying to break the internet for the sake of breaking the internet alone. She’s trying to liberate us from all this. The woman is a hero.

Meanwhile, Fredo Kardashian Khloe was busy Instagramming jokes about the Klan. This, as you’d imagine, didn’t go over well. So as a public service, as a thanks for Kim doing her best to lay the terrible, terrible internet low, we made Khloe a new meme she can post to her Insta:



We’re so sorry, guys. So, so sorry.

Thank God Every Time I Die is in town tonight, because frankly, it gets exhausting being the only one in town who has to deal with the Buffalo Sabres being sucky. It’s just nice to have someone else to share the misery with, you know? The Buffalonian metalcore act is at House of Blues tonight (5 p.m., $18.50) with The Ghost Inside, who are from California, a state that houses the defending World Series champs, the defending Stanley Cup champs and a team that made it to the NFC title game. The Ghost Inside can go directly to hell. (more…)


You had one job, Ethan. Stock the crash cart. How hard is that? How hard, Ethan?.

In the lawsuit Joan Rivers’ family is dropping on the clinic that kinda, sorta, you know, killed her, they allege that doctors failed to notice her deteriorating vital signs, and that they didn’t have a drug stocked in their crash cart that could have saved her. They also allege that the operating theater was just covered in banana peels, and that the pie fight the nurses held during the procedure were highly inappropriate. We really think there might be something to this lawsuit. (more…)

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