Jane Russell AND Hoagy Carmichael? It’s like all of our sex dreams come true.

The Seven Essential Movies series trundles right along at Inspire Theater tonight with The Las Vegas Story To quote Bart Simpson: “Victor Mature, what an actor!” This is some OG Vegas-movie stuff right here, and you’d be remiss not to soak it all in. Howard Hughes made it, and there’s a good chance you’re living on some Hughes land right now. Do it for Hank. Or at the very least, do it so they bring the series back next year and show The Aviator. (more…)


That’s enough to pay for like one Gaga outfit made of beryllium and pegasus wings.

Britney Spears Planet Hollywood residency has been good to the tune of $20 million toward the Planet Hollywood bottom line, according to a report.

Which is an impressive performance for that one Greatest Hits: My Prerogative CD. Sure, they’ve got to pay the dancers a little something, too. But that CD is the breakout star of the show. It’s why they paid $30 million over two years for that CD. They probably could’ve got it for like 12 bucks at Best Buy, but, you know. With that kind of money rolling in, the P-Ho can afford to splurge. (more…)


A Celtic band in a pub? What next? Clever allusions to James Joyce?

The Tossers are a Celtic-punk band. But you knew that already, because they’re called “The Tossers.” If you really want to surprise your audience as a Celtic-punk band, you should probably go with “Ulster Is Quite Nice Sometimes.” Regardless, they’re at Vinyl tonight (8 p.m., $15-$20) and it’s not even St. Patrick’s Day. Feel free to get annihilated on Jameson, though. That’ll play year-round. (more…)


This is not your beautiful house. (Photo by Teddy Fujimoto | SPYONvegas.com)

Well there it is, Pure fans: Your makeover has a name. And that name is “Omnia.” Redolent with the finest Dodge connotations that millions of dollars in renovation money can buy.

Like … every other club to open in the last three years, Omnia promises to be a performance-driven venue. Which is sad. We were hoping for a throwback vibe, where Paris Hilton was hosting four out of every five weekends. In a nod to EDM overkill on The Strip, Hakkasan Group president Nick McCabe tells USA Today that DJs will factor in, but won’t be the main mover. Because in three years going to see high-end DJs will be like inviting Obama Girl to your Christmas party.

“Las Vegas is obviously a very EDM-driven market right now, and so we will certainly be featuring some top tier electronic talent … Ultimately though, our goal is to provide our customers with whatever they tell us they want, and so whether it’s a DJ, a live performance or a celebrity host, our programming choices will be driven by what our customers get excited about.”

They also promise to revolutionize the nightlife landscape, change the game and provide top-tier customer service. (more…)


Gotye-video chic.

Local rock ‘n’ soul act Goldboot has Brooklyn Bowl duties tonight (7 p.m.) with Payola Prelsey and Lakes. Do they do a cover of “Girl in Gold Boots” in their set? If they don’t, that’s absolutely a thing they should do. That song is dope, and that movie is even more dope. It has a character named “Critter.” Have you ever seen a bad movie with a “Critter?” Of course you haven’t. (more…)


(Not even America’s Best DJ can keep people from gawking at how much money they just lost on the Seahawks.)

Markus Schulz is once again america’s Best DJ winner, and on Sunday he collected to gold-plated Pioneer mixer to prove it. Schulz was there for the opening of Marquee’s Dayclub Dome–because winter is no excuse to stop pool partying.

DJ Times editor Jim Tremaybe handed over the mixer and plaque to Schulz, who was flanked by DJ Lema, Cash Cash and Kennedy Jones. Then he did a set, proving once and for all that domes are hip. You thought you knew that because of Stephen King and The Simpsons Movie, but now you’ve got DJ-approved proof. Congratulations.


Nick Cannon, seen here auditioning Mariah replacements. (Photos by Patrick Gray | Kabik Photo Group)

Nick Cannon seems to be holding up in this divorce better than Mariah Carey. At least his voice didn’t completely disintegrate and he wasn’t getting upskirted at his show.

Cannon did his 34th birthday at Drai’s last night. He rolled up with friends before doing a DJ set. He also was out and about with another lady in New York a couple nights ago. Rebound life is hard. (more…)


Better than Ezra in the ’90s, or the Goth kids from South Park? You decide!

The first night of the Rock ‘n’ Rill Wine Amplified Festival goes down tonight (until midnight, $69 for one-day pass) at the MGM lot across from Luxor, and there to play second-fiddle to train–an ignominy we can’t imagine suffering–is Better than Ezra, ready to pound out “Good” at a moment’s notice. Mostly, we just wanted to note that they were coming so we could post what has to be in the top, oh, 150 Norm MacDonald jokes of all time:



There is no way like 12 dudes in goggles didn’t wander over assuming this was a steampunk display. (Photo by Cindy Ord | Getty Images)

Good news if you were looking for the San Diego Comic-Con/Cirque du Soleil experience, but you didn’t want to travel west of the Mississip’, Ka and the New York Comic-Con came together to make your dreams a reality, Chester.

Ka, in conjunction with Marvel Comics, was at the convention to pump the third and final issue of its Marvel Comics miniseries. Yet still, no one wanted to take our suggestion and have Dr. Doom develop a fondness for fancy aerial acts, kidnap all of Cirque and put them to work as Latverian slave labor to entertain his restless subjects. Something, something “too dark.” Whatever. Sounds in-character for Victor Von D to us. (more…)

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