Just hang a few HK’s in Light and call it a day. (Photo by Amit Dadlaney | SPYONvegas.com)

There can be only one … nightlife operator.

Hakkasan Group, which already gobble up clubs in San Diego, is on the verge of a Vegas takeover that would radically realign the city’s delicate nightlife ecosystem, according to Forbes. They’re reporting Hak is about to buy out Morgans’ 90 percent stake in Light Group, which would give them a virtual monopoly on the city’s clubs.(Hak also approached Tao Group about a takeover, but didn’t get anywhere with it.)

The deal would also include Light’s restaurants. So if it happens like that Hakkasan would control its eponymous flagship, Omnia, Light, 1 Oak, The Bank, Gold Lounge, Revolution, Lily, Alibi, Deuce Lounge, Bare, Daylight, Liquid, Wet Republic, Social House, Seersucker, Citizens, Hearthstone, Yellowtail, Diablo’s, Fix, Kumi, Red Square and Stack.

The deal is supposedly north of $40 million, though Morgans paid $46.5 million for Light in 2011. At least when Hak has everything they can use market share as a bludgeon to keep DJ prices down.



Can’t decide if Animal Collective or Portlandia sketch.

Brooklyn Bowl taps Animal Collective for a midnight DJ set ($15), providing an experience for people who like the concept of paying money to watch someone run songs off a computer, but prefer it comes from someone with actual band experience. They have a bandmember named “Geologist,” which we guess is no dumber than “Skrillex.” (more…)


Man, it’s gonna be awkward when they have to take back one Barbie rung up in the middle of that receipt. (Photos by Danny Mahoney)

XS and Tryst did their annual Walmart run to benefit the Chet Buchanan & The Morning Zoo Toy Drive on Wednesday and they went full-on North Pole. Club staff hauled in more than 12,500 toys and 567 bikes to the tune of $195,468. It took 12 semis to haul the loot over to Buchanan. See, people, you’re not just buying overpriced vodka for yourself all year round. You’re doing it for the children.


He’s holding up a finger for every million dollars he made that fortnight. (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

Forbes annual depressing list of the highest paid musicians came out yesterday. To the surprise of no one, Dr. Dre topped the list thanks to his spectacularly ridiculous deal with Apple, netting him a year’s salary of $620 million. On the Vegas front, Calvin Harris pulled down $66 million. Not Beats money, but still absolutely absurd. According to Forbes, a chunk of his haul came from producing tracks for Rihanna. The same Rihanna who came in 18th overall at $48 million.

But residencies pay. Or at the very least contribute to the bottom line. Bruno Mars pulled in $60 million to rank No. 12. Elton John at $45 mil was No. 21, pulling down more than Celine Dion whose $26 million placed her No. 26. Britney Spears didn’t crack the top 30, but was a “near miss.” Maybe she should start making beats if she wants to climb the ranks. (more…)


Pictured: Holiday cheer.

X107.5 does their annual Holiday Havoc show, this time bringing in some local flava for night one. No, not actually Flavor Flav. Though we’d kill for a Public Enemy Christmas set. It’s Imagine Dragons, with Young the Giant and Brumby (8 p.m., $44.50-$200). Stay tuned tomorrow night where Bush headlines to do noted guarantor of Christmas cheer “Glycerine.” (more…)


Steve needed the dough. (Photos by Erik Kabik)

Mark Wahlberg has a movie coming out called The Gambler (which also features John Goodman and will therefore be delightful). So to get all Method up in this piece, Wahlberg decided to play a little blackjack, he told Jimmy Fallon, at Wynn’s Macau joint. He hit three straight blackjacks (OK. Not technically bullshit, but come on.) and then took his whole $45,000 wad and lost it at roulette betting on black. So. What you’re telling us, Mark Wahlberg, is that Wesley Snipes lied to us? Wesley Snipes has never lied to anyone who wasn’t the federal government. This whole thing is fishy. (more…)


Ice skating: Now with 40 percent more Eye of Sauron. (Photo by Toby Acuna | SPYONvegas.com)

If you’ve always wanted to ice skate in weather far too comfortable to be ice skating in while listening to a DJ, tonight’s your night. Industry Skate at the Cosmo has Roger Gangi. And tonight, you can kick an RSVP to SPYONvegas to get yourself five bucks’ worth of free skate rentals. That’s five extra dollars you can spend on nog, so it’s time well-spent. (more…)


Maybe he’s just checking to see if the bomb is stashed in her boobs.

Instagram wunderdouche Dan Bilzerian doesn’t just boot women in the face, he also makes illegal explosives. ALLEGEDLY.

Bilzerian, who got kicky at Art Basel, was picked up at LAX on a Clark County warrant for “violating a law making it a crime to possess an explosive or incendiary device with the intent to manufacture it.” Which, honestly, either sounds like it’s completely trumped up or Bilzerian just watched Lord of War way too many times. Either case is completely believable.

Bilzerian faces one to six years in the stir if convicted. Which seems like a long time to go without Instagram. (more…)


so country-fried Fred Durst was a conscious choice then?

The relentless drumbeat of the rodeo keeps pounding away at Gilley’s tonight when the LoCash Cowboys perform (9 p.m., $10). Man. Ten bucks to get distracted from all the bikini bull riding? Seems like a stretch. We’ll just hang back and wait, thanks. We want to be able to devote all our attention to the bull. (more…)


You can tell conflict because lightning bolt.

Here’s the backstory: Krewella started as a DJ trio: Sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, and Kristopher Trindl, who was dating Jahan at the time they formed. The sisters booted Trindl from the band this year, and he’s suing them for $5 million. They say he has a drug and booze problem; he says they claimed he was too much of a bummer after going to rehab. At the time, Deadmau5 put them on blast for booting the “one talented member” of the band. Got it? Great.

Jahan just did an op-ed in Billboard wherein she said, “I am asking for everyone to think about girls who are looking at this public reaction who might now be discouraged to pursue an authentic place in a male-dominated industry. … There is still a stigma associated with being a woman: that I am a conspiring and manipulative free-loader who doesn’t work as hard or is as talented as a man- and that I use sex to advance my career. The pressure not to confirm stereotypes can affect a women’s performance and her ability to succeed. The fear of being doubted, questioned and shamed, and battling derogatory assumptions about one’s character, is a contingency that may very well be the reason we don’t see more women with higher, powerful positions in the workforce.” (more…)

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