Why is Dr. Evil there?

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles’ first and only appearance in Las Vegas, the cast of Love by Cirque Du Soleil recreated their trip from San Francisco to Sin City yesterday.

The tribute began when cast members surprised guests at San Francisco International Airport with a special performance which we imagine went largely ignored as it probably took place between three other competing flash mobs. The cast then boarded a Southwest Airlines flight (you know…just like the Beatles) and flew to McCarran International Airport where travelers were surprised with a performance at the baggage claim. They were treated to an arrangement of “Get Back,” “Sgt. Pepper” and “Drive My Car” while being blocked from getting to their bags.


That’s a surefire way to get sued by Dave Coulier.

R&B fans got a two-for-one ticket at Eric Bellinger’s performance last night at Haze inside Aria.

Fans might have been satisfied with Bellinger singing his hits and the cover song we’ve been demanding – an acapella version of R. Kelly’s “Bump N Grind” (a thing that actually happened in real life). But after Bellinger was finished, the show continued with a performance by actor/singer Mack Wilds who sang a hit of his own. Unfortunately he did not finish with an acapella version of our favorite R. Kelly song.

Interpol Plays Cosmopolitan

Former alternative rock darlings Interpol took to the mophie stage at the Boulevard Pool inside the Cosmopolitan last night to perform a mixture of newer songs and songs you actually paid to hear.

The dapperly-dressed band played hits like “Slow Hands” and “Leif Erikson,” filling the pool area with their darkly atmospheric sound before returning to their year-round job of ducking Joy Division’s lawyers.

Las Vegas Is Comfortable With Its Sexuality

The Associated Press ran a story yesterday noticing the shift in Las Vegas tourism advertising to let LGBT tourists know they – and their money – are welcome here despite the state’s current ban on gay marriage.

One would think the fact that Elton John, Cher and Celine Dion all have shows here would be enough to let them know Sin City is gay-friendly, but new tourism ad campaigns featuring suggestively gay themes have been airing on Bravo and Logo since the spring with more in the works.

We’re pretty sure the Rio’s neon sign already let’s the world know we’re cool with the LGBT community.


The show screeched to a halt when someone in the balcony mistook them for a Billy Squire cover band. (Photo by Erik Kabik)

Alternative garage rock band The Strokes played the mophie stage at The Chelsea inside The Cosmopolitan last night.

Rhythm guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. performed solo to open the show before the band took the stage and launched into hits like “Reptilia,” “Someday” and “12:51.” Unfortunately, despite our chants Horatio Sanz did not join them on stage to play “I Wish It Was Christmas Today.”


Technically he’s right. She did throw like a girl.

While you wouldn’t know it from the national headlines, Las Vegas’s own Mountain Ridge Little League team advanced to the finals of the Little League World Series last night with an impressive 8-1 win over media sensation Mo’ne Davis and the Philadelphia team.

Davis, only the 18th girl to ever play in the series, gave up three runs before being pulled in the third inning due to pitch-count rules but still dominated media coverage over actual winning pitcher Brad Stone or Mountain Ridge’s Dallan Cave and Brennan Holligan who hit two home runs each in the game.

Mountain Ridge now advances to the finals of the winner’s bracket on Saturday while Philly moves on to the loser’s bracket to see if they can play their way back into the finals.

50 Cent Wants Floyd Mayweather to Read Him ‘Harry Potter’

Rapper 50 Cent and occasional boxer Floyd Mayweather have been verbally sparring back and forth via TMZ and social media for months now. But our favorite jab was thrown today when 50 used the ALS challenge to question Mayweather’s literacy.

The rapper said he would donate $750,000 to whatever charitable organization Floyd chooses if Mayweather will read one full page out of a Harry Potter book. According to TMZ, 50 insists that Mayweather must complete the reading out loud and without “starting and stopping or
f—ing up.” 50 added that it must be done while he is in bed, wearing his footie pajamas and Mayweather has to kiss his forehead and turn out the light when he’s done but leave the door open just a crack.

Las Vegas Named a Top 10 ‘Most Caring’ City

According to movoto.com, your’e probably a pretty nice person – but we both know that it’s all a facade.

Sin City came in at No. 6 in the real estate blog’s ranking of the top 10 most caring cities using data like the 2010 U.S. Census, Facebook likes, and local business listings while ignoring the things you say to yourself when the car in front of you stops at a yellow light.


Artist’s interpretation.

Actor and former president of the New York chapter of the Hell’s Angel’s Chuck Zito is apparently conflicted about his feelings toward what happened between War Machine and Christy Mack.

In his original statement to TMZ, Zito claimed War Machine likely “just overreacted,” and that if Zito were ever in that situation he would probably “be doing the same thing.”

Yesterday he returned to TMZ to state that his comments were misrepresented and that he loves and defends women. You know…like Gloria Steinem if she road a Harley and used bronzer. Zito added that when he said he would do the same thing if he caught his girlfriend cheating he was just expressing his “own personal feelings.” This is now our second favorite non-apology ever.


There’s no way she knows how the “Asian time machine” in front of her works.

Radar is reporting that, for the second year in a row, Kim Kardashian’s favorite charity to donate her eBay auction earnings is…Kim Kardashian. This contradicts earlier reports that the majority goes to further research and development of Photoshop.

Using eBay tax documents, the site estimates that only 10 percent of her eBay charity auction revenue goes to her her mother’s Life Change Community Church while an estimated $400,000 goes in Kim’s pocket. This should really come as a slap in the face to the people who bought Kris Humphries from her thinking they were doing something nice.

Farrah Abraham is “Researching” Being a Stripper

Celebrity teen mom and pseudo-pornstar Farrah Abraham has embarked on a new chapter in her “career” and it involves stripping at a gentleman’s club in Austin, Tex. But, before you jump to conclcusions about her downward spiral, this dancing stint is “just for research,” according to Abraham.

The star of “Backdoor Teen Mom” says she’s researching for an upcoming project she was unable to go into detail about, but the club is reporting she’s being paid $544,000 as a celebrity dancer. Again, let’s not jump to any conclusions. We’ve all been there. Like that time we researched being a waiter in between writing jobs. Or that time in college we researched being in a same-sex relationship.

The End For Cook E. Jar?

A Facebook fan page is reporting that that Aug. 27 could be the last performance for Las Vegas staple Cook E. Jarr.

The lounge singer, who has performed at the Hacienda, Sands, Bill’s Gambling Hall, and Carnaval Court since 1982, currently performs at Harrah’s on Tuesdays and Wednesdays leaving tonight and next week as your last opportunities to be blinded by the light glaring off his bling as you try to avoid looking directly at his hair.


He should’ve ended the night by quietly slumping off his seat. Uh. Spoiler? (Photo by Bryan Steffy)

Al Pacino, one of the greatest actors in the history of cinema once you resolve yourself to the fact that cinema ended in 1997, was at The Mirage on Saturday night to spin some yarns from his career. (Was “How did you get conned into doing Gigli one of those questions?)

The one-nighter got a fancy turnout, including Jerry Lewis and Nic Cage. (He’s an Oscar winner. That’s fancy, right?) Plus Jerome Bettis, Paul Pierce and Glee’s Dot Marie Jones.

Sadly, our question didn’t get asked. Now how are we supposed to know what kind of ass she had? Great? Oh, well. Glad we could clear that up, then. Thanks, Heat!


For maximum throwback impact, JWOWW is available. (Additional photos by Scott Harrison | Retna)

Much like a plane full of Urugayan rugby players, Studio 54 had to die so that Hakkasan could live. But that doesn’t mean MGM was done entirely with the longtime brand. Not with so much tasty, tasty meat left on those bones.

In a survey sent to MLife members, the company asked a series of questions like how important certain nightlife aspects were to you, what clubs you’ve been to lately–the usual polling fare. But then things got specific.



What MGM failed to ask, though, was “Did you see Steven Tyler at Studio 54?” and “Was Steven Tyler terrifying at Studio 54?” (more…)


Not bad for starters, but could use more twerking. (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

Well, children. It sure does appear to be a Monday. And Diplo sure does appear to be at XS. Put it all together, and you come up with Mad Decent Monday. Which, now that we think about it … buckle up, because that means it’s time for another exciting round of What’s Diplo Tweeting Today?

This dude spent $80k on beer at the club tonight .. Wish u were beer . Beer flex


The cat looks WAY too excited about this.

Birthday strippers are a fine, time-honored tradition that someone should send to us right because, uh. It’s … our birthday. Exactly. Good ol’ August 16, our favorite birthday. What do you mean “It’s the 18th?” Fine. Whatever.

Jonas partied at real-life Wonder Showzen Beacher’s Madhouse on Friday for his 25th, and that means one thing: Lots of little people. That includes Little Spinner, the world’s tiniest stripper, and a stripper mini Miley Cyrys. And also a concert from the mini Jonas Brothers. Before Beacher’s, Jonas was at David Copperfield’s show when the magician brought Jonas up and asked when was the last time Jonas got laid. The JoBro said it was a month ago. Good thing for him the mini strippers were on the case.

But it wasn’t all strippers and/or little people for Jonas. No, on Saturday he got together with a crew of 30, including his brother Nick and his girlfriend Olivia Culpo, plus Alex Pettyfer and girlfriend Marloes Horst. They raided XS, where Joe was spotted talking to a blonde in a black bustier around 2 a.m. She was supposedly a friend who just happened to be in town. Sure, Mini Miley. We’ve all heard that old story before.

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