Las Vegas: Maker of dreams (if your dreams include being or patronizing a stripper), palace of intrigue (if you’re intrigued by how clubs can justify 1,000 percent markup on a bottle of vodka), place of infinite regrets (infinite being how long you’ll be paying your credit card after that last round of regrets.

We’re here to make sense of all things Vegas, from celebrity news to nightclub industry gossip to the latest comings and goings of your favorite restaurant/hotel/online shoe company magnate who shall remain nameless for fear of reprisals from bug-eyed, overly enthusiastic call center employees.

Want to let us know what’s up? You can drop a dime on everything from imminent resto closures to whales spending $100,000 on increasingly ridiculous bottle presentations at tips@dailyfiasco.com. Or you can reach out directly at (702) 868-4571. We promise not to rat you out, unless you’re a famewhore with a fight to pick and you want people to know it was you who shined the light of public knowledge where the sun don’t shine.

Your host:

Jason Scavone is a 1998 graduate of Lex Luthor University, where he majored in Mad Science with a minor in evil Business Administration. He has since been a nonstop disappointment to his mother by failing to put that education to work, and instead taken up residence as editor of DailyFiasco.com. Although he still maintains a hobbyist’s interest in devising a chemical formula that when slipped into their respective water supplies will bring both Metropolis and Gotham City to their knees, he spends most of his time curating Fiasco, which he describes as “Las Vegas’ drinkingest, fightingest and handsomest nightlife, entertainment and gossip blog.”

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