Stardust Implosion

What, you need an explanation? Let’s see what Answers.com has to say on this subject:

  • daily: happening or done every day
  • fiasco: catastrophe

Hmm, that didn’t really help, did it? OK, fine. Here’s the lowdown: Las Vegas is a hot mess. We’re here to make sense of it all. From food & beverage news and nightclub nonsense to celebrity trashing and entertainment reporting, Daily Fiasco wants to be your source for all the news that’s fit to blog in this neon wasteland where dreams are killed and Paris Hilton gets paid $20,000 to get drunk and annoy people in a nightclub.

Still, DailyFiasco.com does more than report the latest news in Las Vegas’ food & beverage, nightlife and entertainment scenes – we make sense of it. Unlike some other “industry” websites, DailyFiasco.com caters to the general public, written in a concise, biting style that keeps visitors coming back. Did you notice that part about “written?” Yeah, we do more than just copy and paste every press release that comes our way.

In addition to dishing on the latest buzz about Vegas’ hottest nightclubs, restaurants, bars, resorts and events, DailyFiasco.com features addictive, “sticky” content to keep visitors coming back as well as profiles of bartenders, servers and industry movers and shakers.

And through our collaboration with sites such as SpyOnVegas.com, we try to use as much original, exclusive photography and images as we can. When we can’t, we still make this thing look pretty.

Of course, we can’t do it alone. We want you to be a part of this thing. Maybe you want to become a Daily Fiasco Snitch? Or, heck, even better, maybe you want to reach a targeted audience with advertising that works. Whatever the case, you can always just leave a comment on a story or send us an e-mail to keep tabs on your new favorite website.

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  3 Responses to “ABOUT DAILY FIASCO”
  1. Hunteron 21 Jan 2009 at 9:34 pm

    Hey There,

    Just wanted to say that I’ve been following your feed for a few weeks and think you’re doing good work.

    We don’t really do entertainment stuff but I’ve been doing Vegas blogging for a few years and the good ones really stand out – kudos.



  2. Jason Scavoneon 22 Jan 2009 at 9:31 am

    Hey man, thanks much. I really appreciate it. And as a former graphic designer, I loved your breakdown of the new NY-NY logo. You were spot on about the “k.”

  3. heatheron 24 Jul 2009 at 12:11 pm

    Love your site. I love reading about whats going on in Vegas. Hope to be down there someday (Vegas is my absolute dream trip). I got hooked last year to your site when I started to read the gossip about Michael Phelps and his gal Caroline “Caz” Pal from Moon nightclub. Are they still together? They make a nice couple. Keep up the good work.

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