First the Goretorium, then no Deadmau5 on Halloween? What’s going on here? (Photo by Danny Mahoney |

When Labor Day Weekend rolled around and Deadmau5–who’s supposed to have a two-year deal with Hakkansan–wasn’t part of it, it was somewhat eyebrow-raising. Now the club (which from the get-go made sure to announce that the Deadmau5 deal wasn’t a residency) has put out its Halloween lineup with nary a Mau5 to be found. This, after he spent the last two Halloween weekends with big-ticket weekends at XS.

In a brief statement, Hakkasan said, “Due to studio, performance commitments and date conflicts we were unable to schedule a date for Deadmau5 over Labor Day. We currently do not have any further dates scheduled.”

Indeed, the only dates listed on Deadmau5′s website for the rest of the year are shows October 12 in Mexico City, November 3 in Los Angeles and December 27 in Dallas. What’s not clear right now is whether this is a permanent split, as rumors have suggested, or if at some point he’ll be back to do however many shows he might be obligated to perform during the remainder of his deal. Reps from Hakkasan and Deadmau5 have thus far declined requests for comment.

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  • Dustin

    Read your first sentence and tell me if that makes sense. Hard to read an article with a horribly formatted and uncompleted first sentence.

  • Jason Scavone

    You’re right. That was lousy editing. Thanks.

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