Shouldn’t a massive pinball museum be located somewhere in Soho, or possibly Brighton?

The Pinball Hall of Fame is, perhaps, second only to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in terms of Hall of Fame awesomeness. Particularly because Babe Ruth’s plaque will not enable multiball, no matter how many times you smack it.

But now an operation is trying to Kickstart its way to creating the world’s largest Museum of Pinball, in Cabazon, Calif. It would be an 18 acre pinballopolis, and they’re looking for $150,000 between now and Aug. 8. It goes without saying that as staunch provincialists in this particular brewing power struggle, this is something we can’t condone. Or as a wiser man once said, this aggression will not stand.

This is why we’re proposing a massive field trip out to museum founder John Weeks’ warehouses and totally tilt all his machines. Try getting your free games now, sucker!

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