At least this gives Tim Tebow a viable career path. (Photos by Bryan Steffy)

From the Dept. of Things People Were Definitely Clamoring For: Terry Bradshaw: America’s Favorite Dumb Blonde … A Life in Four Quarters made its debut at the Terry Fator Theatre Friday night. You know, if watching him 16 times a year on Fox’s NFL pregame show wasn’t enough Terry Bradshaw in your life. Maybe you’re in your 50s or 60s and are from Pittsburgh or something, we don’t know.

In fact, the rest of his guffawing sidekicks came out to see him. Jimmy Johnson, Howie Long, Troy Aikman and the leftover laugh track from M*A*S*H all came out. So did Fator’s wife, Taylor Makakoa, who would actually make the pregame show finally watchable if Johnson could take her into joining.

Bradshaw did a couple of original numbers, a duet with his daughter, Rachel, and showed video clips from Bradley Cooper, Michael Strahan, Jay Leno and others. It apparently arrived, a fully formed bloated variety show, via time capsule from 1976.

Bradshaw_h1 Bradshaw_h2

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