And they want to do it PDQ.

That other great EDM kraken (other than Ron Burkle’s Y Entertainment), Robert Sillerman’s SFX has filed for an initial public offering.

The company is aiming to raise $175 million, about $125 mil of which would go to completing acquisitions. SFX has picked up Voodoo Experience, ID&T, Beatport and plans on a 60 percent stake in Germany’s i-Motion, Australia’s Totem and 70 percent of Made. Sillerman has also been rumored to be in the hunt for Insomniac. Supposedly, they were negotiating around $50 million. If the IPO drops for $175, and $125 of that is already earmarked, that leaves, let’s see, carry the 1 … $50 million. Hmmmm.

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