The only man investigating Trump’s simian ancestry.

Bill Maher is getting ready to start his residency at the Palms with a set of shows from March 23-24. We caught up with him for Vegas Seven’s Seven Questions where he talked about the gift that keeps on giving–Donald Trump–as well as bumming around Vegas in the days of Shecky Green and David Brenner. Here’s a little bonus question, for your deleted scenes files:

Does provocation ever become addicting? Are you ever tempted to say controversial things that you know will get a strong reaction even if you don’t necessarily have the conviction of the statement?

No. That would ruin my credibility. My one bond with the audience is I think they feel like I’m at least telling the truth as I see it. I’m not pulling a punch. I do sometimes offend my own liberal audience because I say things that they don’t necessarily aghree with because they’re on the blue team and the blue team is not always right. Lately on guns, I’ve been getting a lot of hate-twitters from liberals saying I’m a turncoat on the subject. I’m just trying to be fair and honest and call them on their bullshit. There’s a liberal bubble as well as a conservative bubble. It’s not nearly as big, but it’s there. I’m also gratified as I do my show around the country, in Santa Fe and Austin, Texas, there are things my own audience is shocked at. I can hear them gasp. That’s good. You should be able to make your own audience gasp.

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