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DJ Five is a longtime veteran of both the Vegas nightclub scene and the SKAM Artists crew. Tonight he’s in his usual Worship Thursday spot at Tao, but spinning for the annual Tao-A-Go-Go competition. One booty-popping expert can pull down $10,000 (and even a second-place is worth $5,000). As such, he’s prepared for this edition of the DJ Power Rankings a selection heavy on ass shaking and light on anything other than ass shaking. Your twerk best be in fine form.

Track This Week Last Week Notes
“Express Yourself (Gents and Jawns remix)” by Diplo 1 NR This is a trap remix of the the original bounce version. It will still make the ladies do the upside down twerk dance.
“Booty Bounce” by GTA featuring DJ Funk 2 NR Bouncy B-more house track with a straight-to-point vocal sample that tells ladies to do the booty bounce.
Pop that Bubble by Douster 3 NR The name says it all.
“Dump Truck” by E-40 featuring Too $hort 4 NR Dump truck, a.k.a. big booty, a.k.a. twerk, a.k.a. pop that.
“Stu” by Wiz Khalifa featuring Juicy J 5 NR Instant twerk classic. I have no clue to what they’re saying but the ladies love it!.

Last week: 1.) “Ass Drop” by AC Slater featuring Dell Harris. 2.) “Me” by Deorro. 3.) “Safari Weapons 7″ by Contiez featuring Treyy G (Djuro remix). 4.) “Voila Voila” by The Cube Guys. 5.) “Bless Di Nation” by Congorock and Stereomassive featuring Sean Paul (Clockwork remix).

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