Those signs have nothing to do with Ray. They’re just trying to get someone to bring them ingredients for sushi. (Photo by Al Powers)

Super Bowl champ (God, it just feels wrong to even type that) Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens was at Tao Saturday night to celebrate the win. Ray Lewis would’ve been there too, but he got caught up in thanking God for the invite and never actually made it out of the house.

Considering how many Steelers fans are in Vegas, we can only imagine all night there had to be more than one host, runner or waitress quietly contemplating slipping a few drops of Viseine into Rice’s Grey Goose. A Browns was about to actually do it, but tripped over a table leg and sprained an ankle.

At Marquee Saturday night was Taye Diggs. Reminding us all that sitting home watching Way of the Gun would’ve been way more enjoyable than watching the Ravens win the Super Bowl.

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