We’re not sure how the snow fits in but, you know … bunnies. (Photo by Teddy Fujimoto | SPYONvegas.com)

Want to win a trip to Tahoe and/or stare at a bunch of girls in white lingerie and fur boots? Of course you do. Haze tonight is doing the Tahoe Takeover, where the top prize for the largest crew is a two-day snowboarding trip for 20. Although we’re assuming to win, it’ll take way more than 20 people. Which should lead to some delightful awkwardness after the fact.


  • Body English: Kill the Noise.10 p.m..
  • Tao: Worship Thursday.10 p.m..


  • L.A. Comedy Club: Thai Rivera, Patrick DeGuire. 9:30 p.m., $29.95-$59.85.
  • Riviera Comedy Club: Mike Merryfield, Kathleen Dunbar. 8:30 p.m., $19.99 ($10 locals).
  • Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club: Larry Reeb, Michael Somerville, John Bizarre. $46.40-$68.40, 8 p.m.
  • Crown Theater: Eddie Griffin.7 p.m., $77.75-$100.75.
  • Laugh Factory: Roseanne Barr. $49.95-$69.95, 7 p.m.


  • Beauty Bar: Thirsty Thursdays. 10 p.m.
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