Look, we think the Giants probably could’ve found the money for Smith, too.

Super Bowl weekend and comedians apparently go together shockingly well, especially if you’re Will Ferrell doing bizarre Old Milwaukee ads. While no one was making out with a middle-aged Asian lady (that we’re aware of), Adam Sandler, David Spade and Nick Swardson were all at Haze on Friday night in a private area with a group of friends.

Jeremih, meanwhile, was at The Bank to do “Birthday Sex” and root for the Niners. That worked out well. On Saturday Charles Barkley was at Citizens and J. Cole was at Haze to perform for Floyd Mayweather, Steven Jackson and Darren McFadden. Then Barkley was back at Citizens on Sunday, making him about the only person on the planet who goes out for lunch before going to a Super Bowl party.

Finally, A$AP Rocky was at 1 Oak for a Super Bowl afterparty, doing “Fucking Problems” and six other songs. All while someone in his crew was rocking a Giants Steve Smith road jersey so, we’re all of a sudden on this A$AP bandwagon.

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