WE kind of want those pants.

If you’re going to have a party in your honor, it may as well be for something more exciting than your birthday. So The Gazillionaire celebrated nailing his millionth girl last night with a party at Hyde. He got a cake and a trophy for it, thought independent statisticians from the CIA–the Chamberlain Institute of America– have yet to verify his count.

And there for the celebration, aside from the cast of Absinthe, were Wayne Gretzky and wife Janet Jones-Gretzky (for The Great One’s aforementioned birthday), along with Alan Thicke and professional golfer Dustin Johnson. Which are exactly the kind of people we’d expect Gretzky to be hanging around, except that Johnson is lucky enough to double as the boyfriend of Paulina. Which makes us once again curse the fact that we were born with zero natural athletic ability, or the wisdom to start doing steroids at 13.

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