Acting! Brilliant! Thank you! (Photo by Scott Harrison | Retna)

Brad Garrett: Not just for comedy club-owning or Everybody Loves Raymond-ing anymore!

Garrett is heading Downtown to the Art Square Theatre March 25-32 to host the Craft Acting Studio. There are four courses–that are capped at 20-25 students, so sign up soon if you’re going to do it– including an introductory course from Adam Hill March 25 ($100); a sitcom acting workshop that Garrett is going to host March 26 and 27 ($450); a guide to doing comedic voice-over work with Pat Fraley March 28 and 29 ($595); and an improv class with Jeremy Guskin March 30 and 31 ($300).

Now if only Don Rickles would come down and teach us how to star in this C.P.O. Sharkey remake we keep pitching to CBS.

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