Apparently they’re just waiting on line-item approval to bump their eyeliner budget. (Photo by Denise Truscello)

Time for your daily Britney Spears Vegas Residency Update. Now instead of Caesars, or Caesars plus two mystery casinos, it looks like Brit could be headed to Planet Hollywood. And not just as a backup dancer in Loberace.

It seems she’s “deep into negotiations” with the P-Ho but won’t have an “intense schedule” in her residency because she “is a nutcase who is shopping a residency that doesn’t seem like it’ll ever come to fruition.” (Uh. That last one’s ours.) According to one of E!’s unnamed sourced (read: Britney’s dad trying to maneuver in public):

“She wants to be in L.A. with her kids so there is no way she can move to Vegas full time or even part time. It’s going to be an in and out thing—a limited number of engagements over a year.”

To recap: We’ve gone from $200 million headlining deal at the Colosseum to $100 million gig to maybe doing a few dates at Planet Hollywood. Maybe. Next week she’s going to be down to a deal to do a three-song set at Moon.

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