Gimmie more bidding war. (Photo by Denise Truscello)

Now it’s not just Caesars Palace that’s trying to lock up Britney Spears for a reported $100 million. Now there are supposedly three properties in on the action in a story that’s becoming both infinitely more complicated and therefore a thousand percent more likely to not be true.

Allegedly, “two other properties — at least one not associated with Caesars — have thrown their hat in the ring.”

Well that second bit is a bit of a wild card, isn’t it? So what’s the other Caesars property it might be that would be competing for this kind of entertainment against the mothership? Well, Bally’s did just open up a spot with Taylor Hicks going to Paris. The Flamingo had Toni Braxton all those years, so it’s been in the diva game, but did just extend Donny and Marie. Planet Hollywood is eventually, sometime, maybe getting Cee-Lo — but that does leave the former Imperial Palace, The Quad in need of a big, opening splash. Or maybe she’d be Linq exclusive, playing every couple of hours on top of the Ferris wheel.

As for the non-Caesars contenders, this doesn’t exactly feel like an MGM Resorts play, mostly because Britney isn’t going to be doing any acrobatics or learn Cirquish. So that leaves, essentially, Wynn or Venetian? Maybe Steve has the foresight to move on to the next, non-country-star battleground in his eternal struggle with Sheldon Adelson.

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