Will this mean anything for EDC? Probably not. (Photo by Gabe Zapata |

In news that has to have the folks at Insomniac either ecstatic or shifting uncomfortably in their seats, Miami’s Ultra Music Festival is in the crosshairs of city officials after local business owners complained about the fest’s second weekend. Today, Miami’s commissioners will vote on whether to allow the March fest to spread over a fortnight.

So what does this mean for Electric Daisy Carnival? Probably nothing, but despite denials to the contrary from Insomniac, there have been persistent rumors of the festival adding a second weekend. And while Vegas is generally amenable to accommodating throngs of tourists descending on the city en masse, and doesn’t exactly suffer from a surfeit of NIMBYism, it has to be disturbing to learn that one of the country’s biggest EDM hotbeds is shaking a get-off-my-lawn fist at a festival that generates a reported $80 million for the local economy.

On the other hand, a two-weekend moritorium in Miami would free up a lot of EDM tourism dollars for kids who might suddenly look to book cheap Southwest flights to the other side of the country if their plans for an easy drive down the coast to Miami are suddenly thwarted. A ban could heavily incentivize the Insomniac team to tack on weekend numero dos if’n they needed any extra incentive. That’s just speculation, of course, but there’s a certain interconnected logic to it.

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