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Apparently Deadmau5′s “We all hit play” spiel must’ve made things frosty at the Wynn last year when he and Afrojack shared a venue home. Because Afrojack just laid it out in an interview with Billboard:

You’re never just pressing play. If you’re a guy in a cube with a mask on, you can press play. Deadmau5 also said himself he’s not a DJ — don’t talk about stuff you don’t know about. I don’t know shit about LED walls and giant mouse heads; I can’t judge it. But if you put four CD players in front of me or [Sebastian Ingrosso] or even Skrillex, we’ve been DJ’ing for so long, we can do a lot of things with those CD players.

We don’t know what’s more fun here. The umbrage, or the passive jab at Skrillex. “LOOK! Li’l Skrillex thinks he can do this. Bless his heart he’s tryin’.” You know what? Of course Deadmau5 is right, that they all just press play. You know why we can say that with confidence? Because he’s in print laying out in exhaustive, embarrassing detail just how simple it is to pull off the live shows. And because all this stuff isn’t done on analog turntables anymore. And because we possess basic powers of observation and common sense. Though we’ll be thoroughly entertained if this leads to another Deadmau5 Twitter feud.

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