The end of the road is apparently at center Strop.

Dum doo doo da da! Dum doo doo da da! Da da da da! Daaa! Daaaaa daaaa da!

(That’s the closest we’ll ever get to laying down any kind of cool harmony. Or especially cooleyhighharmony.)

So Boyz II Men are following up on the promise of their holiday residency at The Flamingo in 2010 and will set up shop at The Mirage starting March 1 (without the classic lineup’s Michael McCary) for 78 shows through Dec. 29.

Tickets will run $39.99 to $59.99 and are on sale now. And, along with the Guns ‘n’ Roses residency signals the beginning of a questionable state of affairs for popular bands from our junior high years. It’s only going to get worse. Our money is on a TLC reunion with Hologram Lisa “Lifet-Eye” Lopes headlining the Luxor sometime before 2014.

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