Chuckie knows that first class is for suckers and chumps.

Reports may have it that the likes of Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill chartered a private jet and were partying it up in both Sydney and Vegas, but that’s not exactly correct. Insiders aboard the swanky 747 revealed that the jet was actually supplied by the Star Hotel and Casino to take Tao Group’s uber VIP’s to Oz five days in advance of New Year’s Eve.

The idea was to provide a suitable lift so that they could party into the new year with owners Jason Strauss and Noah Tepperberg at Marquee Sydney, depart at 1 a.m. on the first to return in time to do it all again in Vegas at Lavo. Think of it as high end time travel.

Poker star Antonio Esfandiari was also along for the ride, as was DJ Chuckie, who spun at both Marquee Sydney and Vegas. Sources traveling with the very A-list pack said they rolled deep. Foxx alone had an entourage of 10-15 people in tow in tow that included his family. Foxx hopped on the mic at Marquee Sydney three nights in a row before partying it up at Lavo while DiCaprio mainly lounged by the pool in Sydney and forwent the clubs. Sources say that DiCaprio only came to dinner before watching fireworks from the Lavo balcony and calling it a night. DiCaprio’s girl, Margot Robbie, wasn’t on either plane, but already in Sydney to spend the holidays with her family. Robbie did meet up with the group one night in Sydney with her people. The trip was also filled with several yachting outings Down Under, also furnished by Star, because that’s how these Tao bosses roll.

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