Sometimes, you’ve just got to join the hallowed ranks of Peter Criss. (Photo by Tony Tran. Additional photos by Isaac Brekken.)

With examples like Keith Moon and John Bonham in front of you, wouldn’t you be wary of doing a lot of drinking at a club on New Year’s and also playing drums? It seems like that’s just asking to choke on your own vomit. Regardless, Jeremy Piven soldiered forth at Hyde, where he beat the skins in an impromptu Smokin’ Aces reunion with Common, who was headlining the night. Backed by The Sayers Club Band, Piven rocked a drum solo to The Black Keys’ “Little Black Submarine,” while Common came on to do “The Light.”

It wasn’t the first time Piven has drummed at a club — he did it at The Bank in March. Though we guess the degree of difficulty for Piven’s performance is better than when he did a White Stripes song — though if he’d come out in a Meg White wig it would’ve been just as real as the hair on his head.

Also at Hyde for New Year’s were Shanna Moakler, Daniel Negreanu and fellow poker pro Tiffany Michelle. On Sunday night, Ryan Lochte and Hilary and Haylie Duff were at the club, with Lochte dancing on the couches. Which seems like a perfectly Ryan Lochte thing to do. He was hanging with the Champagne King, Don Johnson as Dana White had a table nearby.

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