We’re beginning to think that The Roots all have body doubles. (Photos by Joe Fury, Rowland photo by Erik Kabik)

The Roots’ ?uestlove took time off from the like billion other things he’s constantly doing to head out to Moon Saturday night to do a live set with DJ Jazzy Jeff, in what we’re assuming is the world’s first “Nightmare on My Street”/”The Seed” mash-up. (Note to self: If this wasn’t the case, learn how to DJ so as to properly compile a “Nightmare on My Street”/”The Seed” mash-up.)

Meanwhile, Kelly Rowland was taking Rain out for one more spin with a show there to do “Motivation,” “Soldier,” “Dilemma,” and “When Love Takes Over.” Kelly shook fans’ hands and posed playfully for pictures during her flawless performance. After the show she hung out with a group of 15, but before the performance she was at N9NE Steakhouse and Scarlet, where Questo was also spotted. Hopefully working out the details on a “How I Got Over”/”Say My Name” mash-up.

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