This doesn’t seem very pimptastic. (Photo by Scott Harrison)

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Katt Williams’ Jan. 18 and 19 shows at The Pearl — as well as the rest of his whole 100-city tour — have been canceled as Williams is in the midst of an ongoing meltdown.

Williams was arrested Dec. 7 in Yolo County, Calif., for allegedly riding a three-wheeled motorcycle on a Sacramento sidewalk (they should go ahead and change it to #YOLO County); was arrested a week ago in Seattle for allegedly throwing a bottle in a bar fight; was arrested in Oakland in the middle of November for hitting an 18-year-old with a bottle; was accused by his former personal assistant of punching her; and said he was retiring from comedy, only to announce his un-retirement almost immediately. So apparently, he doesn’t handle the holidays well.

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